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The September 7th 1st Meeting

First, we voted for president

The Ambassador of the USA and Ambassador for China were nominated.

The Ambassador of China got elected,

Next, we voted for the senate.

The Ambassador of Germany, the Ambassador of Ireland, the Ambassador of Russia, the Ambassador of Turkey, and the Ambassador of Canada were nominated.

The Ambassador of Germany, the Ambassador of Ireland, and the Ambassador of Turkey were elected.

Then we continued on to the history committee, the Ambassador of Canada, the Ambassador of Japan, and the Ambassador of New Zealand were nominated.

The Ambassador of Canada and the Ambassador of Japan were elected

The Ambassador of the USA presented a resolution to prevent any presidents to skip the routine of speech and debate. The resolution was passed.

The Ambassador of Angola got Random event #3, choose to decide next meeting.

The Ambassador of China got Random event #7, receives 15 RP.

The Ambassador of Japan got Random event #17, choose to wait for the next meeting.

Despite the Chief Executive Carrie Lam conceding to withdraw the Extradition Bill, protests continue in Hong Kong. The protests began three months ago with the introduction of the Extradition Bill and have morphed into pro-Democracy/Anti-CCP uprisings. The protests have closed down public transportation, international airport, schools, and the financial district at different times in the past months. China continues to need to devote resources to control the narrative of the unrest and to keep it from getting out of control. This problem will cost China 25 RP.

A dispute between Japan and South Korea has exploded into military confrontation and a trade war in recent weeks. Unfortunately, the issues that divide the two countries do not appear to be close to being resolved. Both countries have instituted travel restrictions and trade boycotts and are making increasingly threatening moves toward each other. This problem will cost Japan 15 RP.

The dreaded banana fungus, Tropical Race 4, has been confirmed in Colombia. This fungus devastates banana crops, and there is still no way to fight it outside of prevention. Colombia must work to contain the outbreak or risk losing its banana industry. This problem will cost Colombia 12 RP.

Due to declining rates of vaccination, an outbreak of measles has been spreading through New Zealand. Over 1,000 cases have been reported which is a bit ridiculous since the disease is easily prevented with childhood immunizations.This problem will cost New Zealand 12 RP.