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This page is updated after each meeting by the History Committee of the Joined Nations.

Update from the February 9th Tenth Meeting

President: Term 2

Senate: Term 4

Thailand had a request for 15 RP out of 35 RP, 20 RP will be paid by herself.

Egypt had a request for aid of 20 RP out of 27 RP, 20 RP will be paid by GWF, and the 7 RP will be paid by herself.

Brazil has a request for aid of 20 RP out of 26 RP, 20 RP will be paid by HRF, the rest will be paid by herself.

Australia is not here, so it is unfixed.

South Africa is requesting for aid of 35 RP, 35 RP will be paid by GWF, the rest will be paid b himself.

Brazil had #17 and she chose option 3. She wrote a resolution: Requesting that the JN pay 80 RP to the scientist so that she can share the vaccine that they made so that the JN will be free of this problem all year. Resolution passes.

Israel was not here with #21, automatically giving her option 1.

North Korea continues with #5, pay 10 RP, conflict does not continue.

Thailand #12 wait for next meeting.

Mexico #6, wait for next meeting.

America #3, paid 10 RP with a scientific breakthrough, receiving 2 RP

Mexico has a gas explosion, caused of a punctured fuel line caused by fuel thieves. Gas theft has been a massive problem in recent years in Mexico, costing the government billions. The government has been trying to crack down on the theft, but the result has led to even more fuel shortages and a bigger market for fuel thieves. The President has vowed to increase security to prevent such tragedies in the future. This problem will cost Mexico 37 RP.

Australia is struggling with a severe heatwave as this summer is proving to be one of the hottest yet. Temperatures around 45 degrees are expected in parts of Southern Australia. The heatwave has brought dry and windy conditions that have fueled wildfires. Currently more than 50 fires are burning in the area. People are being evacuated. The heatwave has also led to increased hospitalizations, power outages, and wildlife loss. This problem will cost Australia 35 RP.

Yellow Vest protest continue in France on a smaller scale. In other news, an arson fire killed 10 in Paris this week. It was the second deadly fire in a couple of weeks. It seems that the French government has fire and security issues to add to their list of urgent needs to address. This problem will cost France 33 RP.

More than 157 are dead after a dam holding tailings from an iron ore mine collapsed and sent toxic sludge into the mine. 181 are still missing but presumed dead following the accident. A massive search and rescue operation was implemented immediately that rescued hundreds, but clean up is far from over. It is not clear what caused the collapse of the dam, but the government is punishing the minoring corporation responsible for the dam. Such actions do not replace the people lost or the environmental and economic damage caused by the disaster. This problem will cost Brazil 30 RP.

Update from the January 12th Ninth Meeting

First, we had elections for the president.

The Ambassador of USA was in for reelection, he had 2 votes.

The Ambassador of North Korea was nominated, he had 4 votes.

The Ambassador of Mexico was nominated, she won with 6 votes.

France had a 50 RP problem, paid by himself.

Brazil had a 20 RP problem, paid by herself.

South Africa had a 20 RP problem, requested for 10. 10 RP will be paid by GWF, the rest will be paid by himself.

North Korea with number 5, chose 4. He won the war, receiving 100RP. But there is an insurrection, giving him a 10RP problem.

Brazil had #17, wait for next meeting.

Israel had #21, wait for next meeting.

South Korea had #16, lose 20RP.

Thailand is grappling with an obesity problem among its Buddhist monks. For years they have survived off of donated food from the public. Also this past week, a massive tropical storm hit Thailand. The storm checked in as the biggest one in a decade. It left one dead and caused much damage due to high winds and flooding. These problems will cost Thailand 35 RP.

Egypt an apparent terrorist attack near the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt has left four Vietnamese tourists dead and many injured after a roadside bomb ripped through their tour bus. Egypt has invested millions trying to woo tourists back to the country following the 2011 revolution and political upheaval. It looks like that investment must increase in the future and security improved. This problem will cost Egypt 27 RP.

Acts of violence have been ongoing for the past few weeks in the Brazilian state of Ceara. The attacks are believed to be perpetrated by prison gangs which are powerful and influential. The government has sent over 300 elite security personnel to the area, but the violence continues. More resources will need to be devoted to the problem to achieve peace and stability. This problem will cost Brazil 26 RP.

A Jellyfish “epidemic” has been seen in Australian waters off the coast of Queensland. Massive jellyfish swarms have contributed to thousands more stings and injuries this year. Jellyfish in these numbers are not good for the environment or the tourist economy of the region. Australia must devote resources to warn people about the dangers, make up for lost tourist revenue, and find a solution if possible. This problem will cost Australia 20 RP.

A foot and mouth disease outbreak has been reported in the area of Limpopo, South Africa. Foot and mouth is a highly contagious disease that can wipe out herds of livestock. Because of the outbreak, South Africa’s neighbors have banned meat imports from the country. South Africa must now devote resources to containing the spread of the disease and supplement farmers who rely on the trade revenue for survival. This problem will cost 45 RP to fix. If it is not fixed, it will spread to all countries in the region.

Update from the December 15th Eighth Meeting

President: Term 4

Senate: Term 3

Mexico had a 25RP problem, she paid.

Egypt had a 20RP problem, requested 15RP, 15RP will be paid by the GWF, the rest she will pay herself.

Tanzania had a 30RP problem, China will pay 10RP, the rest paid by himself.

Australia had a 30RP problem, requested 10RP, the rest he will pay by himself.

Tanzania chose #3

Israel chose #3

China chose #1, and she will get the ownership of the islands.

As a historian, the Ambassador of Australia hasn't been posting the news on time. The resolution is whether to keep him as a historian or remove him. He was removed.

Now, we need to elect a new historian. The Ambassador of France was elected.

France had #15, received 30RP

Australia had #16, lose 20RP

North Korea #5, wait for next meeting.

France has been a tumultuous few weeks in France as protesters called the “Yellow Vests” took to the streets to voice their opposition to gas tax hikes among other things. The protests turned violent this past week as protesters and police clashed. The violence left a few dead and many injured. There has been much property damage as well as protesters looted shops, burned cars, and graffiti famous landmark

Trade bans of top consumers of Brazilian chicken is having a big impact on Brazil’s agriculture industry. A drop in chicken exports of at least 5% is expected because of the trade bans. This problem will cost Brazil 20 RP.

The South African gold mining industry is in its final stages. The once massive industry is now on the verge of collapse as the remaining gold companies in South Africa struggle to stay profitable. Wages are being cut as mines struggle to make ends meet in the modern economy. This problem will cost South Africa 20 RP.

Update from the November 17th Sixth JN Meeting

President: Term 2

Senate: Term 1

First, we needed an election for a new senate.

The Ambassador of South Africa got elected.

The Ambassador of Egypt got elected.

The Ambassador of Brazil got elected.

Russia had a 17RP problem, requested 10RP, it was vetoed, and she will pay the 17RP by herself.

South Africa had a 35RP problem, requested 25RP, 25RP will be paid by the GWF, the rest was paid by himself.

Mexico had a 25RP problem, requested 12RP, 12RP will be paid by USA, 13RP will be paid by herself.

France had a 20 RP problem, requested 10RP, 10RP will be paid by the GWF, the rest will be paid by himself.

Egypt chooses 1

Endorsement of Marriage Equality

This resolution, if passed will give the JN's formal endorsement (or support) or marriage equality around the world. Marriage equality is defined as the right for consenting adults to marry anyone they wish regardless of sex (and of course is not a direct relative.)

To support end

Thailand has #2, wait until next week.

North Korea has #17, taken care of.

China has #14, wait.

Israelis and Palestinians exchanged fire this week in the Gaza Strip. Israel must now clean up the damage, heighten security, and increase patrols to help quell the lingering threat. This problem will cost Israel 20 RP.

Sanctions against Russia for its occupation of Crimea tightened this week. Russian companies are feeling the pinch of the international sanctions causing an already stressed economy to contract even more. This problem will cost Russia 20 RP.

There is a heatwave in South Africa, with temperatures over 40 degrees. Heat waves not only cause health risks for people, they also cause agricultural damage and force a country to spend much more on energy as resources are used to keep people cool and crops watered. This problem will cost South Africa 20 RP.

A recent outbreak of African swine flu in China has forced authorities to cull 200,000 pigs and implement measures to try to prevent the spread of the disease. Pork is a major industry in China as the country produces half of the world’s pigs. The government must do more to prevent a major outbreak. This problem will cost China 25 RP.

Update from the November 3rd Fifth JN Meeting

President: Term 1

Senate: Term 4

First, we started with the presidential election.

There were three candidates: The Ambassador of USA, The Ambassador of North Korea, and The Ambassador of South Africa running for re-election.

Next, we have our old problems.

South Africa with an 20RP problem requested for aid, passed, 20RP came from USA.

Next, France with a 30RP problem asked for a 20RP aid, it was passed, 13RP came from the GWF and 7RP from the EPF, the rest was covered by himself.

North Korea paid his 25RP problem by himself.

Israel requested for 10RP, it was passed, the GWF pays 10RP and the problem was solved.

India was protected from his virus problem, because the vaccine was released by China.

Then, we have our old random events.

Thailand with #6 chose choice 1, requested for a 20RP aid, the aid was passed, 13RP from GWF and 7RP from USA the rest from Thailand.

Then, we have our resolutions.

Ambassador of India presents a resolution about vaccine problem, and sanction about human right problems to China, pass by a tie breaking vote 6-5.

Moving on to our new random events.

Brazil got #15 gain 30RP

India got #15 gain 30RP

Eygpt got #20 chose to choose next week.

Australia got #19 chose choice 2, gain 30RP

Last, we have our new problems.

Russia has a 17RP problem about its aircraft.

South Africa’s high unemployment rate will cause him 35RP.

Migrants from Central America passing Mexico to go to USA will cost Mexico 25RP.

France’s floods will cost him 20RP

This was the fifth meeting of JN.

Update from the October 20th Fourth JN Meeting

President: Term 4

Senate: Term 3

First, we started with the old problems:

China had a 20RP problem, paid by herself.

Mexico had a 35RP problem, paid by herself.

Australia had a 20RP problem, requested 15RP, 15RP paid by the GWF, the rest paid by himself. India had a 30RP problem, requested for 25RP, 25RP paid by the HRF, the rest will be paid by himself.

Thailand had a 23RP problem, paid by herself.

Egypt had a 25RP, because Egypt has failed to pay its fine, the World Bank has called in payments on its loans around the world. Each JN Member must pay 10 RP. This problem will continue until Egypts 25 RP fine is paid. Requested for 20 RP, 20RP will be paid by the richest country, the USA, the rest will be paid by herself.

Next, we had our old random events: Old Random Events

India with #8 chose 2. He will pay half by himself and the rest will come from GWF.

Mexico with #21 chose 1.

North Korea with #13. India won the bid with 70RP, India will get 75RP.

Then, we had our new random events: New Random Events

Australia-#10-- chose#1

China-#7 -- gets 15RP

Thailand-#6 -- result pending

Last, we had our new problems: New Current Problems

In the elections in Brazil, there is a president that is supporting racist and sexist ideas, causing lots of protests. This problem will cost Brazil 20 RP.

Violent storms have hit France, causing some people to die and lots losing electricity, the cost of the damage is high, France now must clean up. This problem will cost France 30 RP.

The US has stopped people from going to North Korea for humanitarian purposes, this will increase the hardship faced by the North Korean people and the support needed from the North Korean government. This problem will cause North Korea 25RP.

A rocket hit Israel from the Gaza Strip by Palestinian militants, Israel launched an airstrike against 20 targets in return. Schools were closed for the day as well. This problem will cost Israel 20 RP.

The Zika virus, a disease that causes birth defects in babies of affected mothers, is spreading rapidly in India. India needs to find a cure for this fast. This problem will cost India 35 RP to contain the virus, or India can buy it the vaccine from China.

Update from the October 6th Third JN Meeting

President: Term 3

Senate: Term 2

First, we started with the old problems.

China paid her 35RP problem.

France with a 25RP problem also paid his own problem.

Tanzania requested for aid, it was passed, 20RP will be paid from the GWF

India’s 30RP problem was a food and water problem, so half of it was paid automatically. He also asked for 15RP,and the request for aid was passed. The 30RP comes from the HRF.

Egypt requested for aid, but it didn’t pass. Egypt didn’t solve his own problem.

Next, we have our old random events.

South Africa with #21 chose number 1, he paid 20RP, but failed to stay in power.

Russia with #20 chose option 2, she requested for a 10RP aid, it was passed, but she didn’t gain 2TP.

Then, we have our resolutions.

USA’s resolution was about changing the voting system, after a debate for 30 minutes, the resolution didn’t pass.

Then, Tanzania has a GWF donation program, that says if the GWF has less than 40RP before the meeting, all members in the General Assembly (except the bottom three nations) will have to donate 3RP to the GWF.

Moving on to our new random events.

Mexico with #21 chose to choose next week.

North Korea with #13 chose to choose next week.

India with #8 chose to choose next week.

Last, we have our new problems.

The trade war between China and USA continues, the trade war is really hurting China’s economy.This will cost China 20RP.

Next, Mexico’s drug wars and dead bodies in trucks will cost her 35RP.

Needles in Australia’s agriculture products will cost Australia 20RP.

Thailand has a serious problem about its tourism, less chinese tourists may just be a beginning of a disaster. This problem will cost Thailand 23RP.

Last, Egypt’s not solved problem will affect other countries, The world bank is now calling payments from all the world. All JN members will have to pay 10RP each meeting, until Egypt solves her problem.

This was the third JN meeting.

Update from the September 22nd Second Meeting

Second Meeting

President: Term 2

Senate: Term 1

First we started with the old Current Problems.

Ambassador of Brazil requested 15RP, 10 votes in favor. Brazil will get 15RP from the General Wealth Fund to fix their problem.

Ambassador of South Africa requested 20RP, Tanzania, South Korea and the United States of America helped solve the problem.

Ambassador of Thailand requested for 20RP. Thailand will get 20RP from the General Wealth Fund to fix their problem.

Then we go to the Random Events.

Thailand chose (1): to tell the person not to harm the trees.

China chose (1): to kill the scientists and take the vaccine.

South Africa chose (5): to write a resolution asking the JN to set up a World Food and Water Program that helps countries develop food and water security and help countries with these problems. The resolution passed.

Moving on to new Random Events Click here for information about the random events

South Africa got #22 chose to choose next week.

North Korea got #7. Received 15RP

Russia got #20 chose to choose at the next meeting.

Last, we have our new problems. Click here for more information about the JN problems

The United States has cited China’s violation of international trade laws. China has promised to retaliate, but in the short term, Chinese businesses will take a big hit in sales. This problem will cost China 35 RP.

France’s healthcare system is in danger of running out of money and collapsing. The government announced a 2.2 billion euro plan to reform its healthcare system. This problem will cost France 25RP.

Kenya has banned importation of rice from Tanzania. Officials are still working to negotiate an end to the problem. But, until they do, Tanzanians will continue to feel a pinch in their wallets. This problem will cost Tanzania 20RP.

Lots of women in India are committing suicide. This loss of human capital is having a devastating impact on the Indian economy. This problem will cost India 30 RP.

Update from the September 8th First Meeting

First Meeting

President: Term 1

Senator: Term 0

First, we started with the elections

There were three candidates running for the president:

Mr. Brunken, the Ambassador of America, got 2 votes

Hong-yu, the Ambassador of North Korea, got 1 vote

Eugene, the ambassador of South Africa, got 4 votes

The Ambassador of South Africa was elected by 4 votes. Congratulations!

There were five candidates running for senator who were the Ambassador of France, North Korea, Australia, Mexico, and U.S.A.. The Ambassador of France, North Korea, and Mexico were elected as senators.

There were four candidates running for history committee, they were the Ambassador of Australia, Thailand, China and France. The Ambassador of Australia was elected with 9 votes, and the Ambassador of Thailand was elected with 5 votes.

Moving on to new random events

Thailand got #19 chose to choose next meeting.

China who has #17 chose to choose next meeting.

South Africa with #8 also chose to choose next meeting.

Last, we have our new problems

First, a fire in Brazil’s National museum burnt down uncountable historical and cultural artifacts that will cost Brazil 25RP.

Next, a political corruption problem mixed with poverty in South Africa, that might cause a economy disaster, will force South Africa seek for help from other countries. This problem will cost South Africa 20 RP that must come from at least two other countries.

Then, Egypt was fined by the World Bank for not providing natural gases, this will cost Egypt 10RP.

Last, Thailand’s sinking capital, Bangkok, will cost Thailand 20RP

This was the First JN Meeting

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