About Japan

  • a island country build up by more than 6850 islands

  • territory are about 377,976.41 km 2

  • Japanese capital was Tokyo

  • the biggest island country in southeast Asia, the fourth biggest island country in the world

Geological features

  • was on Eurasia plate, North America plate, Pacific plate and Philippines plate's junction

  • 75% was mountain and hills

  • northest: Iturup, 45°33′28″ north latitude, 148°45′14″ east longitude

southest: Okinotorishima, 20°25′31″ north latitude, 136°04′11″ east longitude

eastest: Minami Torishima, 24°16′59″ north latitude, 153°59′11″ east longitude

westest: Yonaguni, 24°26′01″ north latitude, 122°5601″ east longitude