The Republic of Turkey

The national flag of Turkey. This flag represents the reflection of the moon and a star in a pool of blood of Turkish warriors.

Turkey is a beautiful country in Asia, it has breathtaking attractions, stunning Turkish cuisines, and amazing culture. Turkey’s capital is Ankara, there are over 5.6 million people living in the Ankara Province, making it Turkey’s second largest city after Istanbul. There are a amount of 83.4 million people living in the country.

Culture& Religion

The one and only Turkish tea.

Turkey has no official state religion, but the dominate religion there is Islam. 99.9% of the population are being initially registered by the state as Muslim, the remaining 0.1% are Christians or other religions like Judaism.

Turkish people prefer homemade food, but the new generation are starting to eat out. A simit is a round bread that the Turkish eat for breakfast. A typical Turkish breakfast consists of cheese, eggs, cucumbers, jam, honey, fried dough(or pişi), and last but not least, Turkish tea. There are a few Turkish restaurants in Taipei, go try some and feel the wonderful textures!

There is a traditional sport in Turkey called "oil wrestling". The competitors wrestle with oil on their bodies. Since oiling the bodies makes them hard to grab, this sport takes great power. This event is a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Government &Politics

The president of Turkey is currently Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The president is elected every 5 years. The president must be over 40 years old and hold a bachelor's degree. Their political system is based on a separation of powers. Executive power is exercised by the Council of Ministers, which, by the way, is appointed and led by the president. The Great National Assembly holds the Legislative power. The Legislative power can be used to make laws for a country or a city. Turkey’s freedom house score is 32 out of 100. It is not a free country.

The president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.


Over the last 20 years, there have been major accomplishments in Turkey’s economy. Turkey is highly dependent on oil and natural gas imports. Turkey is the fourth largest olive oil producer in the world, The unemployment rate there is 10.6% , it decreased 2.5% compared to last year. The country's biggest export in 2020 are cars, followed by automobile parts. It's vast and free market didn't disappoint the country. Turkey has the world's 20th-largest nominal GDP.


Hagia Sophia is located in Istanbul. The structure was completed 1484 years ago! It was first served as a church, but then it was a mosque.

The Troy horse is in the ancient city, Troy. The city it self is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city's history is embedded on Greek legends.

Mission Statement

  1. Don't get sanctioned by the JN

  2. At least be in the top 6 by the end of the year.

  3. Run for president at least once.