Random Events

Random events will be dealt out at each JN meeting. Two to four countries will be randomly selected and then a random number will be generated and the nation must address the random event associated with that number. Most random events involve a choice where the ambassadors must weigh the cost and benefits of the situation and decide what would be best. Some might choose to gamble, and yet others might choose to take the safe road. Many of the random events also affect other countries. Your decisions may make you some enemies or new friends. Choose carefully, and may luck be with you. Remember, the JN can always be asked for help, and resolutions can be a road to a creative solution to the event.

Below is the current list of random events and the choices available. All countries affected by random events have until the beginning of the next meeting to make their choices known and take action. (Note: Mr. Brunken reserves the right to change anything and everything about the random events below.)

Official List of JN Random Events