The Joined Nations

The Joined Nations (JN) is a yearlong classroom activity. It is a rough simulation of the United Nations. You, the students, take on the roles of diplomatic representatives from a country. Your job is to make friends, keep the world safe and at peace, and, of course, be the country with the most resource and technology points in the end. So what is the purpose of the JN? Well, first it is fun! It is also a way to get you to learn about what is happening in the world around you. Most importantly though, it gives you a hands-on experience of how democracy, the UN, and government works in real life.

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Current JN Government


Mr. Brunken (USA)
Chloe Chen (South Africa)
Zoe Hsieh (Austalia)


Ken Lin (Russia)


Isaac Chen (Poland)

History Committee

Jasmine Hsiao (Nigeria)
Melody Wei (Vietnam)

Current Alliances

Eastern European Treaty Organization (Russia, Azerbaijan, Poland)

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JN News

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About the JN

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