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Nominees for 2017-2018 JN Awards

posted May 3, 2018, 12:53 AM by Jason Brunken   [ updated May 3, 2018, 12:53 AM ]

Here are the nominees for the Most Outstanding Nation and Most Improved Nation Awards. All first year students in the JN are eligible to win the Rookie of the Year Award. Nominees will be collected from the General Assembly at the next meeting. The winners will be debated and voted on at the next meeting. Be ready to defend your favorite.

The Most Outstanding Nation

Leo Lin (India)
There is no doubt that Leo deserves to be considered for this award. His accomplishments are numerous. Not only has he accumulated more wealth than any other nation in the history of the JN, but he was active each week as part of the History Committee to make sure the JN ran smoothly. He also served on the Senate for a time. Leo did everything that asked of him and more as a member of the JN. He was instrumental in getting the Human Rights resolution passed as well. It is hard to imagine a better performance for a JN member than Leo gave this year.

Eugene Chiu (U.K.)
While Eugene did not finish at the top of the wealth standings, he was close. Eugene placed in the top three because of his work in the JN this year. Eugene worked hard to say active. He led the JN for two terms as successful well-prepared President, showing that he is a leader and hard worker. He also served on the Senate where he often put others first in his decision making. Eugene helped build alliances and maintain peace in the JN as well. He was also quite active in debates over resolutions. 

Jefferson Wu (Italy)
While Jefferson did not finish at the top of the wealth standings, he was close. Jefferson placed in the top three because of his work in the JN this year on the History Committee to make sure everyone knew what was happening from week to week in the JN. He modeled for younger members how to handle your country’s problems by attending so well to his own country’s needs. Jefferson also served on the Senate for a number of weeks.

Most Improved Nation

Jefferson Wu (Italy)
Jefferson improved his standing from second to last place last year to the top 3 this year. He was more active in politics and member of the JN History Committee. He showed improved responsibility in handling and attending to his country’s problems. 

Yoyo Tan (Turkey)
Yoyo improved from last place last year to being near the top 5 this year. While Yoyo stayed out of politics in the JN, his improved performance can be seen in how often Yoyo wrote and presented resolutions and aid requests. He wrote some of the best, most well-researched aid requests of the year and was good about being on top of his country’s problems, unlike last year.

Eugene Chiu (U.K.)
While Eugene placed in the top 3 both last year and this year, he was far more active this year. He served as president and on the Senate. He played a leading role in alliance building and did a good job modeling for younger nations how to handle their country’s problems. He was also more active during resolution and aid request debates.

4/14 Eleventh JN Meeting

posted Apr 20, 2018, 7:22 AM by Jefferson Wu

First we start with the Senate election

1. Hung Yu nomated              Leo

2. Mr. brunken nominate       Vivi

3. Leo nominate                  Hung YU

4. Mr.bruken nominate Himself

(everyone have three vote)

Vivi  Hung-yu  Mr.brunken

And then we go on with Old current problem

Saudi Arabia war problem , India help 35 rp

China economy problem pay

India water shortage problem a request for aid human rights fund, ask 25 rp pay the rest,    pass 11 favor

Japan oil problem 50 rp  pay

Turkey war problem request for aid 45, human rights fund  11 favor

Pakistan absent

Angola economy problem, request for aid ask 30 rp ,general wealthfare fund  5 favor o aggansit

Old random event

India  Fifa world cup, the winning bid  Indonisia 65 rp , final win 85 rp

Indonesia No#21 problem  use 50 rp to end the war  India donate 55

New random event

Japan  19 choose 1 no lost no gain

UK      10 choose 1 get 10 rp

Italy     14 next meeting

Russia  7 get 15 rp

3/24 Twelfth JN Meeting

posted Apr 4, 2018, 7:50 AM by Leo Lin

Twelfth Meeting

President: Term 1
Senate: Term 4

First, we started with the president election.
There were four candidates, the ambassador of Indonesia was elected as president.

Moving on, there are five old problems.
Argentina paid his 25RP problem by himself.
Ambassador of Angola was absent, problem not fixed.
UK paid his 20RP problem.
Nigeria asked for 18RP aid for her problem, aid passed, 18RP from GWF 12RP from herself.
The last problem effected three countries, India, Russia, China, they all paid 10RP.

Next, we solved the old random events.
Russia with #12 choose choice 1, and gains 20RP.
UK with #11 chose choice 2, 2RP for each country, didn't spread.

Then, we chose the new random events
India got #13 Fifa world cup bid event.
Indonesia with #21 chose choice 1, oops! Civil war launched side up will be chose next meeting.
South Africa with #1 chose choice 1, ignored oil discovery.

Last, we have our new problems.
Saudi Arabia's conflict with Yemen will cost his country 55RP.
The trade war between USA and China will cost China 40RP.
Water shortage in India's third large city Bangalore will cost India 55RP.
Pakistan's will have to pay 30RP to save it's milk crisis.

This was the meeting.

3/3 Eleventh JN Meeting of 2017~2018

posted Mar 6, 2018, 5:26 AM by Jefferson Wu

Eleventh Meeting

President: Term 3
Senate: Term 2

First we started with old current problem
1.Italy's rail way traffic-problem  30 rp: pay 20, Pakistan help pay 10

2.Indonesia's  earthquake problem : summit a request for aid ask for 25 Rp from human right fund, to save those who suffer and be trap quickly


3.South Africa's Water tax problem , didn’t come, let it stay

4.UK: Crime problem: request for aid: seeking 30 Rp from the JN, didn’t pass.


Uk pay15

Pakistan pay5

Japan pay 5

Saudi Arabia pay 5

5.India Taj Mahal  problem ask 10 Rp form the EPF

Result: Pass

Next we move on to old random event

1.South Africa No.17, chose 3, write a resolution asking Jn to pay 80rp , pass

At last let's take a look at the new random event

New random event

Angola  No 12 chose at the next meeting

China    No 8 chose at the next meeting

Turkey   No 4 chose at the next meeting


1/27 Tenth JN Meeting of 2017~2018

posted Jan 28, 2018, 1:58 AM by Leo Lin

Tenth Meeting

President: Term 2
Senate: Term 1

First, we started with the senate election.
There were five candidates, the elected senates are Hung-yu the ambassador of Saudi Arabia, Leo the ambassador of India, and Mr. Brunken ambassador of USA.

Next, there are five old problems.
Russia paid her 25RP problem by herself.
India requested for aid and was passed, 13RP from HRF, 7RP from Saudi Arabia, 10RP from himself.
Italy's 25RP problem paid by EPF.
Pakistan's 25RP problem, 15RP paid by the HRF and 10RP by himself.
USA's 50RP problem, with 25RP automatically paid by EPF, the rest was paid by himself.

Then, there was only one old random event.
Italy with #18 chose choice 2, gets 30RP lose 1AP. Members in EU (Russia and Italy) lose 10RP.

Moving on, new random events.
Angola with #8 chose to choose next week.
USA with #12 chose choice 2, and gets protected from the next problem.
South Africa with #17 chose to choose next week.

Last, new current events.
First, lots of train crash will cost Italy 30RP.
Second, Java's earthquake will cost Indonesia 40RP.
Next, the drought in Cape Town will cost South Africa 50R.
Then, knife attacks in UK will cost his country 30RP.
Last, giving a mud bath to Taj Mahal will cost India 25RP.

This was the meeting.

1/13 ninth JN Meeting of 2017~2018

posted Jan 22, 2018, 5:49 AM by Jefferson Wu

Ninth meeting

President: Term 1
Senate: Term 4

First we started with the old current event

Old random event

  1. Russia no.21   chose 1 , dise 1to100 , 1 to 10 is bad dise 31

  2. Pakistan water pollution problem,  a resolution , human rights fund pay each country 5 rp to buy food and water for country with the problem

               11 yes 0 no

Next we move on to old current event

1.South Africa's drought problem, pay 25RP

2. Pakistan's terror attack problem, pay20  

4.Indonesia's earthquake problem  pay15

5.Italy's gas explosion problem,  pay 10  , UK help pay 10

At last , new random event

Indonesia  11  chose 1  human rights fund pay 25 lose 2 Agriculture  

Italy  18  deiced to chose on the next mwwting  

South Africa   21  chose 1 , 10 per of civil war, did not have a civil war.

This is end of the meeting

12/23 Eighth JN Meeting of 2017~2018

posted Dec 29, 2017, 6:47 PM by Leo Lin

Eighth meeting

President: Term 4
Senate: Term 3

First, we started with old problems.
New Zealand's 2TP problem isn't fixed.
Indonesia asked for 18RP aid, for his 25RP problem. Aid passed 18RP paid by EPF, the rest paid by himself.
Pakistan paid his 25RP problem.
China paid his 20RP problem by himself too.

Next, there are three old random events.
The ambassador of China was absent, his random event #22 wasn't solved.
Russia with #5 chose 3, wrote a resolution form. Passed, 25RP from USA, 15RP from India, 1RP each from number 5~14, conflict ends.
UK with #10 chose choice 1, earn 10RP.

Moving on, new random events.
Russia with #21 chose to choose next week.
Pakistan got #8 chose to choose next week.
Angola with #9 chose choice three and saved the fluffy things.

Last, new current events.
First, expensive gases will cost Italy 20RP
Second, an earthquake at Java will cost Indonesia 15RP.
Next, terror attacks at Pakistan will cause a 20RP problem.
Last, a drought at South Africa will cost South Africa 25RP.

Oh!!! Don't forget there is a presidential election at last of the meeting.
There are two nominees USA and UK.
UK won with only a gap of two votes.

12/09 Seventh JN Meeting of 2017~2018 session

posted Dec 11, 2017, 5:53 AM by Jefferson Wu

Sixth meeting

President: Term 3
Senator: Term 1

First we started with old problems
1.Argentina's submarine problem pay 20 rp

2.Indonesia's learning problem, ask for 20 rp from human right fund to solve the problem

              11 yes 0 no

3.Indonesia Separates can’t make the village’s people move around freely, ask 20 Rp from human right fund

               6  yes 6 no , president vote yes so 7 yes 6 no

4.Saudi Arabia pay 20 for flood problem

5. UK pay 20 for  flood problem

6.India's air pollution ask for 20 RP from environmental protection fund

11 yes 0 no, pass

Moving on, old random event

Japan crop disease , absent, president chose for Japan, lose 3 agriculture point, 30 per spreading, dies 25, all Asia region lose 1 agriculture point

At last, New random event

China  22  wait till next time to chose

Russia   5     wait  till next to chose

UK 10  wait till next to chose   

11/25 Sixth JN Meeting of 2017~2018 session

posted Dec 11, 2017, 5:37 AM by Jefferson Wu   [ updated Dec 11, 2017, 5:40 AM ]

Sixth meeting

President: Term 2
Senator: Term 5{change}

First, senators have their terms up, their were six runners

Leo India  4 votes

Jacob   Pakistan 10 votes

Jefferson  Italy  9 votes

Winston Indonesia 3 votes

Edison  Angola  3 votes

Austin   Argentina 8 votes

Everyone have three vote

New senate



Austin Congratulation

Next, let's take a look at old problem,first

1.Saudi Arabia's has a 25 rp crown prince problem, Saudi Arabia pay11, India donate 5, Angola donate 9  

All other nation pay 1 rp

2.Nigeria and Italy human traffic problem, Pakistan present a resolution,  300 RP to make a new fund Refugee fund turns into Human right fund for all human right related , All nation pay 5 Rp, US pay 75 RP.  Uk, Japan, Pakistan speak for , he hopes everyone can support this resolution,  7 favor, 5 no  pass

3.India have a resolution, Fines go into EPF, Fine for top five air pollution country, Us Saudi Arabia, Japan China India, Russia, Eu , EPF auto pays air pollution problems,  3 favor  7 against, didn't pass

4.Pakistan has a air pollution problem, Pakistan presented a request for aid, ask for 2o rp, environmental protection pay 20 rp , all pass

5.Indonesia presented a request for aid

  1. Explosion :request for aid  firework factory 20 rp, pass pay by GWF  5 yes 3 no  

6.Italy has a region problem, pay 20 rp

Moving on, old random event

Nigeria No8.  Heavy pollution Chose 3, pay 65 and 4 tp

Japan  No11. crop diseases chose 2 pay 2 Rp to all JN, 50per spread  234 good 156 bad, dice 1, problem not solved

Pakistan No19. chose 1. Get 10Rp

At last, New random event

Japan     No.12    chose 1 get 20 rp

Russia   No.12    chose 1 get 20 rp

Argentina  No.4    been protect from the problem  



11/11 Fifth JN Meeting of 2017~2018 session

posted Nov 11, 2017, 9:05 PM by Leo Lin   [ updated Nov 24, 2017, 5:38 PM ]

Fifth meeting

President: Term 1
Senator: Term 4

First, we started with 5 old problems.
Ambassador of South Africa, Indonesia, and Italy didn't come to the meeting.
Their problem weren't solved.
Nigeria's 50RP refugee problem, is paid by the Refugee Fund.
UK payed his 15RP problem by himself.

Next, lets take a look at old random events.
Nigeria with #17 chose choice 2, Nigeria lose 50RP, but each country has to pay Nigeria 3RP.

Moving on, new random events.
Pakistan with #10 chose to choose next week.
USA got #9 and chose choice 3, gained 5RP, but extinction caused him 25RP.
Japan got #11 chose to choose next week.
Nigeria got #8 chose to choose next week.

Last, new problems
First, Saudi Arabia prince Mohammed Bin Salman will cause Saudi Arabia 25RP, all JN countries 1RP.
Next, human trafficking between Italy and Nigeria will cause Nigeria 25RP, Italy 30RP. Unless they can get a resolution that contains 300RP, that punishes countries that aren’t working to prevent human trafficking in their country.
Then, India with smog over it's capital will cost India 40RP.
Pakistan also suffers with smog that, and will cost Pakistan 40RP, too.
Indonesia's separatists will cost his country 20RP.
Last, the two old not fixed problems may go worse.

This is the meeting of today.

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