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12/23 Eighth JN Meeting of 2017~2018

posted Dec 29, 2017, 6:47 PM by Leo Lin

Eighth meeting

President: Term 4
Senate: Term 3

First, we started with old problems.
New Zealand's 2TP problem isn't fixed.
Indonesia asked for 18RP aid, for his 25RP problem. Aid passed 18RP paid by EPF, the rest paid by himself.
Pakistan paid his 25RP problem.
China paid his 20RP problem by himself too.

Next, there are three old random events.
The ambassador of China was absent, his random event #22 wasn't solved.
Russia with #5 chose 3, wrote a resolution form. Passed, 25RP from USA, 15RP from India, 1RP each from number 5~14, conflict ends.
UK with #10 chose choice 1, earn 10RP.

Moving on, new random events.
Russia with #21 chose to choose next week.
Pakistan got #8 chose to choose next week.
Angola with #9 chose choice three and saved the fluffy things.

Last, new current events.
First, expensive gases will cost Italy 20RP
Second, an earthquake at Java will cost Indonesia 15RP.
Next, terror attacks at Pakistan will cause a 20RP problem.
Last, a drought at South Africa will cost South Africa 25RP.

Oh!!! Don't forget there is a presidential election at last of the meeting.
There are two nominees USA and UK.
UK won with only a gap of two votes.

12/09 Seventh JN Meeting of 2017~2018 session

posted Dec 11, 2017, 5:53 AM by Jefferson Wu

Sixth meeting

President: Term 3
Senator: Term 1

First we started with old problems
1.Argentina's submarine problem pay 20 rp

2.Indonesia's learning problem, ask for 20 rp from human right fund to solve the problem

              11 yes 0 no

3.Indonesia Separates can’t make the village’s people move around freely, ask 20 Rp from human right fund

               6  yes 6 no , president vote yes so 7 yes 6 no

4.Saudi Arabia pay 20 for flood problem

5. UK pay 20 for  flood problem

6.India's air pollution ask for 20 RP from environmental protection fund

11 yes 0 no, pass

Moving on, old random event

Japan crop disease , absent, president chose for Japan, lose 3 agriculture point, 30 per spreading, dies 25, all Asia region lose 1 agriculture point

At last, New random event

China  22  wait till next time to chose

Russia   5     wait  till next to chose

UK 10  wait till next to chose   

11/25 Sixth JN Meeting of 2017~2018 session

posted Dec 11, 2017, 5:37 AM by Jefferson Wu   [ updated Dec 11, 2017, 5:40 AM ]

Sixth meeting

President: Term 2
Senator: Term 5{change}

First, senators have their terms up, their were six runners

Leo India  4 votes

Jacob   Pakistan 10 votes

Jefferson  Italy  9 votes

Winston Indonesia 3 votes

Edison  Angola  3 votes

Austin   Argentina 8 votes

Everyone have three vote

New senate



Austin Congratulation

Next, let's take a look at old problem,first

1.Saudi Arabia's has a 25 rp crown prince problem, Saudi Arabia pay11, India donate 5, Angola donate 9  

All other nation pay 1 rp

2.Nigeria and Italy human traffic problem, Pakistan present a resolution,  300 RP to make a new fund Refugee fund turns into Human right fund for all human right related , All nation pay 5 Rp, US pay 75 RP.  Uk, Japan, Pakistan speak for , he hopes everyone can support this resolution,  7 favor, 5 no  pass

3.India have a resolution, Fines go into EPF, Fine for top five air pollution country, Us Saudi Arabia, Japan China India, Russia, Eu , EPF auto pays air pollution problems,  3 favor  7 against, didn't pass

4.Pakistan has a air pollution problem, Pakistan presented a request for aid, ask for 2o rp, environmental protection pay 20 rp , all pass

5.Indonesia presented a request for aid

  1. Explosion :request for aid  firework factory 20 rp, pass pay by GWF  5 yes 3 no  

6.Italy has a region problem, pay 20 rp

Moving on, old random event

Nigeria No8.  Heavy pollution Chose 3, pay 65 and 4 tp

Japan  No11. crop diseases chose 2 pay 2 Rp to all JN, 50per spread  234 good 156 bad, dice 1, problem not solved

Pakistan No19. chose 1. Get 10Rp

At last, New random event

Japan     No.12    chose 1 get 20 rp

Russia   No.12    chose 1 get 20 rp

Argentina  No.4    been protect from the problem  



11/11 Fifth JN Meeting of 2017~2018 session

posted Nov 11, 2017, 9:05 PM by Leo Lin   [ updated Nov 24, 2017, 5:38 PM ]

Fifth meeting

President: Term 1
Senator: Term 4

First, we started with 5 old problems.
Ambassador of South Africa, Indonesia, and Italy didn't come to the meeting.
Their problem weren't solved.
Nigeria's 50RP refugee problem, is paid by the Refugee Fund.
UK payed his 15RP problem by himself.

Next, lets take a look at old random events.
Nigeria with #17 chose choice 2, Nigeria lose 50RP, but each country has to pay Nigeria 3RP.

Moving on, new random events.
Pakistan with #10 chose to choose next week.
USA got #9 and chose choice 3, gained 5RP, but extinction caused him 25RP.
Japan got #11 chose to choose next week.
Nigeria got #8 chose to choose next week.

Last, new problems
First, Saudi Arabia prince Mohammed Bin Salman will cause Saudi Arabia 25RP, all JN countries 1RP.
Next, human trafficking between Italy and Nigeria will cause Nigeria 25RP, Italy 30RP. Unless they can get a resolution that contains 300RP, that punishes countries that aren’t working to prevent human trafficking in their country.
Then, India with smog over it's capital will cost India 40RP.
Pakistan also suffers with smog that, and will cost Pakistan 40RP, too.
Indonesia's separatists will cost his country 20RP.
Last, the two old not fixed problems may go worse.

This is the meeting of today.

10/28 Forth JN Meeting of 2017~2018 session

posted Oct 28, 2017, 8:29 AM by Leo Lin

Forth meeting

President: Term 4
Senator: Term 3

First, we started with 6 old problems.
Turkey with a 15RP problem, chose to pay all.
Then Russia paid her 25RP problem, too
UK pay 25RP, problem solved.
Nigeria asked for a 15RP aid, was passed. 15RP from GWF and 5RP by herself.
South Africa pays her 15RP problem.

Next, old random events.
UK asks for 30RP aid, was passed and paid by GWF

Moving on, new random events.
Indonesia with random event #12, chose choice 3. Rolled the dice and gained 18RP.
Nigeria with random event #17, chose to choose next week.
Argentina also with random event #12, chose choice 2. His country is protected from the next problem.

Last, new problems.
First, bubonic plague (known as black death) has spread in Madagascar, this will cause South Africa 15RP.
Next, English-speaking Cameroonian refugees are escaping into Nigeria, This will cause Nigeria 50RP
Then, An exploded firework factory will cause Indonesia 15RP.
Last, Catalonia's independence will cause all EU countries 15RP.

Wait, the president election is held at last of the meeting.
There were two nominees: UK nominated by Italy, US nominated by Angola.
At last, US won by 9 votes and UK got 7 Votes.
Also there was a formal alliance formed by South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, India, Russia, Indonesia.

This is the meeting of today.

10/14 Third JN meeting of the 2017~2018 session

posted Oct 17, 2017, 6:17 AM by Jefferson Wu

Third meeting

President: term 3
Senator: term 2

Today we started with the old problems, India had a flood problem, Refuge  fund  pay all for India. Nigeria's religion
problem pay 10 RP, Argentina's credit report provider Equifax problem pay 10 RP, and New Zealand's economy problem also pay 10 RP. 

Moving on, old random event.
Japan with random event 3, chose choice 1 [75 to 100] is bad and roll 14, get 2 TP

South Africa with random event 14, chose choice 1, wrote a resolution said they should own the ice land, she will control the island well, and the resolution passed.
Argentina with random event 11, chose choice 3, roll a die roll 2, minis 2 At ,  10 percent the disease spread , 80 below is bad, roll 65, so the disease did not spread
Next the ambassador of United Kingdom put forward a formal alliance, the members in it have
New Zealand

At last, the new random events
Saudi Arabia with random event 16, lose 10 RP

UK with random event 6, wait for the next meeting

USA with random event 1, chose 1, pay 15RP get 10RP

This is the end of the meeting

9/23 Second JN meeting of the 2017~2018 session

posted Sep 23, 2017, 6:37 AM by Leo Lin   [ updated Nov 24, 2017, 5:39 PM ]

Second meeting

President: Term 2
Senator: Term 1

Today we started with the presentations, Josh Lung the Ambassador of Japan, and Eugene Chiu the Ambassador of England both presented amazing presentations.                                                                                                            

Then started with old problems. 
There was a 100RP problem for USA. 50RP was paid by Himself, and 50RP was paid by the JN Environmental Protection Fund. 
Japan asked for aid, and was passed. The General Welfare Fund pays 25RP for his problem. 
Angola asked for aid, passed too. The General Welfare fund pays 10RP for his problem. 
The United Kingdom also asked for aid too, but blocked. He pays 15RP to solve his problem.

Moving on, old random events. 
New Zealand with random event #9. Chose choice 3, to save the fluffy things, gained 5RP. 
India with random event #10. Chose choice 1, sent the war criminal to trial, gained 10RP. 
Nigeria with random event #12 Chose choice 2, gained 20RP.

Next, the new random events.
Japan with random event #3, chose to choose next week.
South Africa with random event #14, chose to choose next week too.
Argentina with random event #11, also chose to choose next week too.

At last, lets take a look of the new problems.
First, floods and Rohingya people will cost India 50RP.
Second, a fight of religion leaders will cost Nigeria 10RP.
Third, massive hack to government and companies will cost Argentina 10RP.
Last, a broken oil pipe will cost New Zealand 12RP.

JN meeting 2017 9/9

posted Sep 8, 2017, 8:25 PM by Jefferson Wu

Today we started at the president ,senate, and the history committees election, the president is Josh long the ambassador of  Japan. The senate is Eugene Chiu the ambassador of united Kingdom, Ling the ambassador of Nigeria, and Rainei the ambassador of Russia. And the history communities is Jefferson the ambassador of Italy and Leo the ambassador of India. After the election, Eugene the Ambassador of United Kingdom put forward a formal alliance, the members of it have Italy, Japan Argentina, United Kingdom, New Zealand. We do the random events, New Zealand got 9, India got 10, and Nigeria got 12, but they all chose to choose next week.Next week's JN problem have USA's natural flood and hurricane 100 RP, Japan's New Clare war against North Korea 25RP, Unitied Kingdom massive task 15 RP, and the Angola economy problem 10 RP. This is the meeting this week         

JN meeting 2017/5/6

posted May 5, 2017, 8:35 PM by Ellen Lee


Today we started off with the first, and last thing in this meeting-- awards. First of all, the Most Outstanding Nation. There were three nominees, Jacqueline, Ellen and Eugene. After some nice compliments about the nominees and the votes were given, congratulations Jacqueline who was chosen as the most outstanding nation!! *cheers*

Next was the Most Improved Nation. Again, there were three nominees, Josh, Eugene and Jefferson. The choice seems to be easy for most of the people--Josh! Congratulations! *cheers again*

Moving on to Rookie of the Year, the three nominees were Ellen, Jessica and Yoyo. All three of them are outstanding in different ways, but most votes went to Ellen, making her the Rookie of the year.

After that, the awards for most wealthy countries were given. In third place with a total wealth of 355.7 resource points, Josh! *cheers* Second place with a total wealth of 369 resource points, Eugene! *cheers* And in first place, with a total wealth of 503.5, a big gap from second place, Ellen! *cheers*

Then, we moved on to the song of the year. Choices were shape of you, something like this, good life, can’t hold us, and time of our life, and “Time of our life” won the song of the year with 6 votes.

Next was number of the year. Some great ideas were given, but the number that was chosen was 74. With three 7th graders, four 8th graders, one 10th grader and one 11th grader, the total of our grade numbers add together is 74.

At last was word of the year. Weird choices were given*haha*, there were duh, wow, obvious, berrytree and EKSJ. Three votes were given to “duh”, and was chosen as the word of the year.

This is the end of our last meeting of the year. This year was really exciting, happiness, sadness, confusion and of course laughter and a lot more emotions mixed all in one. A phenomenal year, nice work everyone~!

And this year's nominees are...

posted Apr 28, 2017, 2:55 AM by Jason Brunken

Here are the nominees for the Most Outstanding Nation and Most Improved Nation Awards. The winners will be debated and voted on at next week's meeting. Be ready to defend your favorite. Winners get a special prize.

The Most Outstanding Nation

Jacqueline Wu
There is no doubt that Jacqueline deserves to be considered for this award. She presided as leader of the JN for most of the year, and ran meetings efficiently and fairly. She was always well-prepared and provided a mature, confident voice to JN discussions and meetings. Even when she was not the President, she served on the History Committee for the whole year and helped other nations handle their business when they were struggling. It is hard to imagine what the JN would have been like without Jacqueline.

Ellen Lee
As the wealthiest nation for much of the year, Ellen must be considered for this award. Not only did she complete the most Current Events than any other member, but was active during most discussions and proposed three resolutions and many requests for aid this year. She gave service to the JN Government as a Supreme Councilwoman and served in the History Committee for half of the year. Her help and hard work made the JN more successful this year. There is little doubt that Ellen's performance in the JN was one of the best of the year.

Eugene Chiu
Eugene was more active than ever this year. He proposed and passed the most resolutions of all members this year. Many of these resolutions were original ideas that he went through the effort to write down and try to pass in the JN. Eugene also finished toward the top of the wealth rankings this year which is evidence of his hard work as a member. Eugene was one of only three members to complete Current Events this year as well. His work in the JN Government also cannot be overlooked as he served most of the year on the Supreme Council. He is worthy of recognition of this honor.

Most Improved Nation

Josh Lung
The last time Josh was a member of the JN, his country finished in last place with a total wealth of just 20. This year, Josh may be one of the Top 3. The last two years Josh spent in the JN, he participated very little in JN activities, but this year Josh was a leader, serving as Supreme Council, President, and general. Furthermore, Josh also introduced and passed a few resolutions and aid requests, something he had never done before.

Eugene Chiu
While Eugene finished in a similar position in the wealth standings this year, his participation and involvement in the JN improved significantly this year. He proposed the most resolutions of all nations compared to just one last year. He was active in forming alliances, speaking in debates, and participating in the government all year. All of which are improved from his work last year in the JN.

Jefferson Wu
Jefferson improved his wealth ranking this year a little., but more importantly he was reluctantly more participatory in the JN than last year. He proposed more resolutions and requests for aid this year and was more active in debates. He served in the government for a while as well. 

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