Nominees for MON and MIN

Post date: Apr 28, 2016 4:16:08 PM

Here are the nominees for the Most Outstanding Nation and Most Improved Nation Awards. The winners will be debated and voted on this week. Be ready to defend your favorite.

The Most Outstanding Nation

Wendy Hsiao (U.K.)

There is no doubt that Wendy deserves to be considered for this award. Her hard work this year in the JN is indisputable. She worked to get her nation to the top of the points standings by a huge margin, achieving a wealth almost 10 times greater than any other nation. She did this through diligent service to the JN as Historian, President, and on the Supreme Council. Most amazing has been her work on the History Committee, taking phenomenal notes and posting updates about each meeting to the JN Website. Furthermore, she never let her nation get brought down by problems. Europe has a great challenge this year, and Wendy led the way to get relief passed for refugees. The standings clearly show who stood out among all nations this year.

Matthew She (Chile)

The MON award is not just for nations that score highly. It recognizes the most outstanding contributions to the JN. While Matthew did not finish at the top of the wealth standings, he worked tirelessly in the JN this year. Few members were so active during JN debates than Matthew, and this should be rewarded. His nation faced many challenges and problems, and met them all by introducing more resolutions than he ever has and more than almost any other nation this year. It is hard to imagine what the JN would have been like without Matthew this year.

Jacqueline Wu (Germany)

While she didn't finish at he top in wealth, Jacqueline contributed immensely to the JN this year. She introduced many resolution, participated in debates, and worked in the JN Government. She is the JN History Committee's newest member and only its third in history. Her most important contribution, however, has been her role as a mentor for younger nations who are still trying to figure out how the JN works. Her performance in the JN has been outstanding this year, and she should be recognized for it as well.

Most Improved Nation

Matthew She (Russia)

While Matthew didn't improve his final standings his year, Matthew improved in other important ways this year. After years of not introducing any resolutions in the JN, Matthew introduced at least three this year. He also campaigned in each election and voiced his opinion in each debate in the JN, a feat few nations can claim in its entire history and a huge improvement on Matthew's past performance.

Lulu Lin (China)

Lulu improved from 9th last year to the top 5 this year. Most importantly, after not submitting any resolutions last year, she introduced 2 this year, one of which was daring and unlikely to succeed, but it did! Furthermore, when she was present, she was one of the most vocal and important voices in JN debates.

Jacob Cheng (Egypt)

Jacob didn't improve his ranking much this year, but he improved in other ways. After a year of laying low in the JN, this year Jacob was a more powerful voice in debates and elections. Jacob campaigned frequently and made his opinion heard often during debates, a welcome improvement from last year.