JN meetings 12/19

Post date: Dec 23, 2015 12:16:56 PM

President: 4 term

Supreme Council: 3 term

Today we started the meeting by fixing Current Old Problems, the UK paid 10 RP to cover its military costs for the operation. Air pollution levels in China’s capital city of Beijing hit abnormally high levels this week, 25RP (getting worse). Climate change is here in India as global temperatures are higher than ever, 25 RP-covered by random event. More weather-related problems as South Africa is in the midst of its worst drought since 1992, 10RP resolutions (1) failed 5-5 president voted against (2) passed 6-4 passes, and another resolution present with South Africa's by Matthew, the embassador of Russia, want to remove the refugee fund and the climate change fund in to the JN welfare fund. The vote had been 5 in favor, and 6 against, the resolution failed. China’s territorial claims 4RP or a resolution passes because of China’s absent so be forced to pay.

For Old Random Events, large flood has arsed part of South Afica. Sean Cheng the embassador of South America chose number 2 and draw a 16 for “good” to fix the problem.

Today’s New Business start with the History Committee Election because of Audrey, the embassador of Cuba’s leaving. Candidate are Jefferson, the embassader of Colombia, and Jacqueline, the embassador of Germany. After the vote, Jacqueline elected the History committee as the vote of 1:9. Caroline and Audrey, the embassador of Turkey and Cuba, are leaving, thank for their generous, they divided their wealth into three funds, we can temporary fix problems without worry about not enough money .

New Random Event, India has a terrorist attack by religious militants detonated a bomb in a crowded shopping center, he will have to pay in next week. Japan’s government invested in some reforms for the struggling economy, but it turned out to be worse, Japan paid 10 RP for cleaning up. There are some island with a lot of resources in the middle of the ocean in United states’ region, there has to have a argument or fight to get these islands. U.S chose to wait until next meeting, who will contend the host of the islands with Mr. Brunken? Lets wait and see!

New Current Problem, Philippines have been battered by a large typhoon this past week, the storm in December cost major flooding, 20 death, and countless injuries. It will cause Philippines 22RP for cleaning up. Large swaths of Amazonian rain forest are being cut down and polluted because of illegal mining in Colombia. It will cause Colombia 25RP to fix it or write a resolution banning the sale of illegal mined mineral.