JN meeting 2017 9/9

Post date: Sep 9, 2017 3:25:20 AM

Today we started at the president ,senate, and the history committees election, the president is Josh long the ambassador of Japan. The senate is Eugene Chiu the ambassador of united Kingdom, Ling the ambassador of Nigeria, and Rainei the ambassador of Russia. And the history communities is Jefferson the ambassador of Italy and Leo the ambassador of India. After the election, Eugene the Ambassador of United Kingdom put forward a formal alliance, the members of it have Italy, Japan Argentina, United Kingdom, New Zealand. We do the random events, New Zealand got 9, India got 10, and Nigeria got 12, but they all chose to choose next week.Next week's JN problem have USA's natural flood and hurricane 100 RP, Japan's New Clare war against North Korea 25RP, Unitied Kingdom massive task 15 RP, and the Angola economy problem 10 RP. This is the meeting this week