JN meeting 2017/5/6

Post date: May 6, 2017 3:35:28 AM


Today we started off with the first, and last thing in this meeting-- awards. First of all, the Most Outstanding Nation. There were three nominees, Jacqueline, Ellen and Eugene. After some nice compliments about the nominees and the votes were given, congratulations Jacqueline who was chosen as the most outstanding nation!! *cheers*

Next was the Most Improved Nation. Again, there were three nominees, Josh, Eugene and Jefferson. The choice seems to be easy for most of the people--Josh! Congratulations! *cheers again*

Moving on to Rookie of the Year, the three nominees were Ellen, Jessica and Yoyo. All three of them are outstanding in different ways, but most votes went to Ellen, making her the Rookie of the year.

After that, the awards for most wealthy countries were given. In third place with a total wealth of 355.7 resource points, Josh! *cheers* Second place with a total wealth of 369 resource points, Eugene! *cheers* And in first place, with a total wealth of 503.5, a big gap from second place, Ellen! *cheers*

Then, we moved on to the song of the year. Choices were shape of you, something like this, good life, can’t hold us, and time of our life, and “Time of our life” won the song of the year with 6 votes.

Next was number of the year. Some great ideas were given, but the number that was chosen was 74. With three 7th graders, four 8th graders, one 10th grader and one 11th grader, the total of our grade numbers add together is 74.

At last was word of the year. Weird choices were given*haha*, there were duh, wow, obvious, berrytree and EKSJ. Three votes were given to “duh”, and was chosen as the word of the year.

This is the end of our last meeting of the year. This year was really exciting, happiness, sadness, confusion and of course laughter and a lot more emotions mixed all in one. A phenomenal year, nice work everyone~!