JN meeting 2017/4/8

Post date: Apr 22, 2017 3:52:23 AM

PT: 4

ST: 3

We started off with electing a member for supreme council, USA and Poland running for it. Poland was elected with 6 votes.

Next was old random events. Poland’s heavy pollution has ruined some of their fresh water reserves. Now there is a water shortage in Poland. Poland chooses to buy water from other countries. China had scientists invent a vaccine for mosquito problems, and the ambassador chooses to kill the scientists and take the vaccine, leading a marketing success. Russia had drug dealers increasing, the manufacturing of illegal drugs has increased in your country causing more violent crime, drug use, and drug trafficking. Russia starts a drug war and luckily wins.

Then we moved on to old current events. A strong storm in northwest Poland brought very strong winds that damaged thousands of homes across the region. More than 22,000 homes were damaged, and power was lost to thousands more. This cost Poland 15RP, and was paid by the welfare fund. Jordan is facing a debilitating combination of increasing national debt, rising prices, and unemployment. This has forced the government to try cutting welfare programs and other aid while people are needing it more. While protests have been limited, Jordan’s economy is nearing a breaking point. This will cost Jordan 20 Rp, and is paid by security.

Next was new business. USA had an resolution about using military forces against ISIS, which requires 200 RP donated by the JN members. Luckily it passed. EKSJ and China declared war on Kenya, winning easily which caused Kenya to lose half of its wealth.

Moving on to random events, Kenya had mosquito problems in their country and decides to buy vaccine to solve the problem. Both Jordan and the US had flood problems, the US paying 30 RP for the problem while Jordan chooses to wait till next week.

Last was new current events. A bombing by ISIS in the St. Petersburg subway killed 14 and wounded dozens more. The entire subway network was shut down for much of the day. This will cost Russia 25RP. Mexico has so many journalists being murdered that it has forced some news organizations and papers to shut down. 38 journalists have been killed doing their jobs in the last 20 years. This problem will cost Mexico 10RP.Army worms were discovered on crops in the breadbasket region of Kenya. Without more funds and resources to do so, the outbreak could cause massive crop loss and food shortages in Kenya. Kenya will need to invest 30 RP into this problem by the next JN meeting to prevent it from getting worse. With only 20 cm of rainfall a year, Jordan must get most of its water from its neighbors. Because of the ongoing refugee crisis, demand for water in the country has increased by over 20%. This make Jordan to find more water in a region that dry and thirsty. Jordan must pay 30 RP to get more water from its neighbors to avoid humanitarian disaster.

And that wrapped up our meeting, see you next time!