JN meeting 2017/4/22

Post date: Apr 22, 2017 3:54:26 AM


ST: 4

We started off electing the new president, China and Kenya running for it. China was elected with 5 votes, Kenya 2 votes behind.

Next was random events. Algeria had young people take the streets in very large numbers in anger over recent legislation in the country. After protests continuing for a week, Algeria successfully stopped the protests and has business flowing in their country. Jordan had a large flood taking up half of their country which will take 30 RP to solve the problem, and paid half the resources while the other half was handled by the JN.

Moving on to old current events, a bombing by ISIS in the St. Petersburg subway killed 14 and wounded dozens more. The entire subway network was shut down for much of the day. The problem cost Russia 25RP and was paid. Mexico has so many journalists being murdered that it has forced some news organizations and papers to shut down. 38 journalists have been killed doing their jobs in the last 20 years. Mexico paid 10RP for the problem. Army worms were discovered on crops in the breadbasket region of Kenya. Without more funds and resources to do so, the outbreak could cause massive crop loss and food shortages in Kenya. Kenya will need to invest 30 RP into this problem by the next JN meeting to prevent it from getting worse. Kenya passed a resolution form that requested 30 rp to solve the problem and set up a food shortage program that will benefit countries who have food shortage problems to only pay 5 RP while the rest is covered by the JN welfare fund. With only 20 cm of rainfall a year, Jordan must get most of its water from its neighbors. Because of the ongoing refugee crisis, demand for water in the country has increased by over 20%. This make Jordan to find more water in a region that dry and thirsty. Jordan requested 30 RP for aid which was passed and paid from Environmental protection fund.

Then we had some new business. Jordan requested to set up a Free Trade and Economic cooperation which allows free trade, visa free immigration and shared currency, and was passed. Poland requested 10% more taxing for countries who use dirty energy, and countries who use renewable energy will get 10% more of resources they got from current events. The resolution was thought positively and was passed. Kenya, who has been declared war last meeting with no particular reason wanted to pass a resolution that would punish JN countries who declare war with unjustified reasons. Punishing the countries who declare unjust war with not getting any aid from the JN or other countries, giving back 100% wealth the winning side has gained from war to the JN. The resolution disadvantages several countries in the JN, and was unfortunately not passed.

Finally we went on to new random events. Kenya had mosquito problems in their country and bought vaccine with 5 RP from China to solve the problem. Poland’s government have stopped fighting, and their economy is in a great state, gaining 10RP for Poland. USA’s government invested some reforms to help the dropping economy, but turned out even worse. USA loses 10RP. Algeria had a giant meteor drop in their country, and decides to make it into a tourist attraction, paying 15 RP but also getting 10 in return.

That was the end of our meeting, and the next will be our last meeting of the year. Bye!