JN Meeting 12.05

Post date: Dec 6, 2015 1:58:49 AM

President: Term 3

Supreme Council: Term 2

Today we started the meeting by fixing Current Old Problems, Germany and Turkey has a refugee problem, but thanks to the JN refugee fund, now this problem is fixed automatic! Well, the other countries has to pay 10RP each for their own security. Japan and Colombia paid for their problems. China hand in a resolution that wants to gain control over the South China Sea, however, it would get into Philippines economic sea, the US and the Philippines are strongly against it, the vote was 5:6, poor China, it failed, she would have to continue fighting over this, or she would have to pay 4RP each meeting. Old Random Events, There's a rich person that died in India, and left all his property for its country India, Kent the ambassador of India picked choice 2, save it for the coming up problem. There is a youth protest in China, poor China, this problem wasn't fixed for 3 weeks already! Today Lulu, the ambassador of China, picked choice 3, luckily the protest is over! She wrote a request for aid and ask the JN welfare fund to pay the 20RP for the problem, and it passed in the Super Council. New Random Events, a large flood has devastated part of South Africa, how would he manage this? Let’s wait and see next meeting. There is mosquitoes in UK, but there’s a resolution passed that fixed all mosquitoes problem automatic! War has broken out between two small countries in Turkey’s region, Caroline, the ambassador of Turkey, picked choice 2, JN Refugee Welfare Fund paid 10RP and luckily the war’s over. Thanks to the European Countries for setting up this fund, it saved 2 problems today already! New Current Problems, the UK voted to begin bombing IS targets in Syria this week in order to keep itself safe, this would cost UK 10 RP. Air pollution levels in China’s capital city of Beijing hit abnormally high levels this week, this problem will cost China 15RP. Climate change is here in India as global temperatures are higher than ever, this problem will cost India 25 RP. More weather-related problems as South Africa is in the midst of its worst drought since 1992, this problem will cost India 10RP. We ended the meeting here.