JN Meeting 01.09

Post date: Jan 12, 2016 12:50:55 PM

President: 1 Term

Supreme Council: 4 Term

Today we started the meeting by New President Election, Matthew, the ambassador of Russia and Mr. Brunken, the ambassador of the USA volenteered for it. This time both of them gave a strong speach, but it seems like nobody wants to vote for Mr. Brunken.

The second thing we did today is Current Old Problems. First, China and the US had a confrontation in the South China Sea as the US sent naval patrols into waters that China claims as its own, a resolution passed today, and gives China the power to gain control over the South China Sea. This problem is finally solved after many weeks of debating. Next, the Philippines have been battered by a large typhoon this past week , a request for aid pass to pay 22RP from climate change fund. Large swaths of Amazonian rainforest are being cut down and polluted because of illegal mining in Colombia, and this resolution is failed because the ambassador of Colombia didn’t set up a international law to banned the sale of illegal mined mineral like this gold and Blood Diamonds from Africa.

The next we do this week is Old Random Events. First, Mr. Brunken, the emmbassider of U.S had found island in #14 of the random events, he passed a resolution that keeps the island protected from eveyone, so nobody can gain control over near. Kent, the ambassador of India, had the Terrorist attack, he paid for the problem.

For New Random Events, Phillipeans had #11, terrorist attack, ha paid for it. South Afarica got #7, he gained 7RP. Japan got #3, he chooses choice 2, Science Funding, funds 7RP, and gets 2TP!! China #4 youth protest, she chooses choice 2… and OMG! Bad luck, the youth protest continues.

Last, Current New Problems, UK record rainfall in northern England has led to unprecedented flooding in the area, this will cost UK 20RP. A suicide bombing in Pakistan has left at least 26 dead and 45 wounded, this problem will cost Pakistan 15 RP. Japan finally settled a dispute with South Korean women who were forced to serve as “comfort women” to Japanese troops during WWII, this problem will cost Japan 20RP. China had a rough few weeks as several problems fell their way, China has to pay 15 RP and all other JN Countries 5 RP.

We ended the meeting here.