JN Meeting-04.30

Post date: May 3, 2016 12:43:22 PM

President: 3 term

Supreme Council: 4 term (Jacqueline 1st term)

Today we started the meeting by solving Current Old Problems, A massive information leak from a prominent Panamanian international corporate lawyer’s office has revealed a massive web of corruption that has implicated hundred of global political leaders, business moguls, and celebrities, this problem costs 20RP for Russia, Colombia, China, Egypt, Japan, the USA, the UK, and Pakistan each. All of them paid, except for Egypt and Colombia, Egypt wrote a request for aid, and Colombia is protected by his random event from last meeting. China found out that over 80% of the wells that provide water to rural villages was too polluted to drink or bathe in. The pollution has been caused by decades of farming and industrial runoff, or waste water full of toxic chemicals and animal waste. China appears to be on the verge of a water crisis, China paid 30 RP to solve this problem. A 6.4 mag earthquake on Friday and then a 7.1 quake Saturday morning have left hundreds of thousands without power, buildings damaged, hundreds injured, and two dead in Japan, Japan paid 25RP and solved the problem. UK and Germany both had the refugee problem, but it’s covered by the JN Refugee Fund.

We moved on to New Businesses, EU countries wrote a resolution wanting to pass a General Assembly declaration of LGBT rights that protects the human and civil rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people in all JN Member countries, including the universal recognition of same sex marriage, but it failed. Russia wrote a resolution that’ll repeal the Climate Change Fund and it’s following resolution, but it failed too. Germany wrote a resolution about Human & Civil rights protections to women, and it passed. Philippines wrote a resolution to take back his control over China Sea, luckily most JN Nations supported him, and it passed. Philippines and Japan got there 25 RP back from China. These resolutions are debated for a long time, and finally voted by each nations.

Last thing is New Random Events, Kent, the ambassador of India, a rich land developer in India has the bright idea to start chopping down forests to sell the wood and develop the land into something more productive, what will he do? He chose 2, to ignore the developer from chopping down the forest, and luckily he gain 20 RP in tax revenue from the development, and did not have a protests. A deposit of precious metals has been discovered in a national park in Eygpt. The deposit sits on the habitat of several endangered species, what will Jacob, the ambassador of Egypt do? He chose to save the fluffy things! Just take the resources he can without digging and protect those animals. He received 3RP, without extinction. Countries in China’s region are all disputing the ownership of a small group of rocks…er…I mean islands in the middle of ocean, but Lulu, the ambassador of China, chose to ignore it, with no gain no lose, leaving it to the nature, how nice she is!

We ended the meeting here.