JN Meeting- 04.02

Post date: Apr 2, 2016 12:10:01 PM

President: 1 term

Supreme Council: 4 term

Today we started the meeting by our President Election. There are to candidates, Wendy, the ambassador of Uk, and Matthew, the ambassador of Russia. Wendy won the election by the votes of 7 to 3.

Next, we come to Current Old Problems, the finance world’s attention is on the Philippines this week as $80 million US was stolen electronically from Bangladesh.Philippines wrote a request for aid from welfare fund for 20 RP, the problem is fixed. At least 14 people were killed and 53 others wounded on Wednesday when a bomb destroyed a bus carrying government employees to work in the city of Peshawar, officials said, it cost Pakistan 15 RP, but Sean, the ammbassador of Pakistan was absent, so the problem will become worse. The UK’s Network Rail (national train system) has suffered immensely under new regulations and financial burdens. UK paid 20 RP, the problem is fixed.

Third, we go on to Old Random Events, Eugene, the ambassador of Philippines, has a #6 problem, A rather large flood has devastated part of Philippines, Eugene the ambassador, wrote a request for aid and requested 20 RP from the JN Welfare, and it’s passed by the Super Council. Austin, the ambassador of Japan, was absent last meeting, so he hasn’t make his decision for the technological breakthrough in his country. He chooses choice 1, and gets 2TP for scientific breakthrough.

Then we have Current New Problems, A plane flying out of Egypt this week was hijacked by a man with explosives, this problem will cost Egypt 17 RP. A FlyDubai airplane in Russia crashed near the city of Rostov-on-Don killing everyone on board, this problem will Russia 15 RP. Wild elephants rampaged through West Bengal, India this past week killing 5 people, mostly farmers. Elephants kill about 400 people a year in India, this problem will cost India 15 RP.

Last we have New Random Events, the first one goes to Mr. Brunken the ambassador of the US, Random Event #18 Drugs, he picks choice 4, WAR! The US has 5 MP, and won the war by only using 3MP. VICTORY to the US! Next Jacqueline the ambassador of Germany, Random Event #9 Deposits, what will her decision be? Let’s wait and see next meeting. The last one goes to Wendy the ambassador of UK, Random Event #20, A meteor just crashed into your country from space! What will she do with it? We’ll see next meeting.

We ended the meeting here today.