JN Meeting-03.05

Post date: Mar 10, 2016 10:26:35 AM

President: 3 term

Supreme Council: 2 term

Wow! It’s been a long time since our last meeting!

Today we started the meeting by fixing Current Old Problems, First, China had a rough few weeks as several problems fell their way, this problem costs China 20RP, the ambassador wrote a request for aid, gets 10RP from the fund and fixed this problem. Second, Refugees continue to pour into Europe from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, even in the middle of winter. This problem will cost the EU countries 30 RP each. The EU Countries wrote a request for aid, before a JN Refugee Fund was set up by the EU Countries, to help fix refugee problems, it seems really useful now. Third, An outbreak of the Zika virus, a disease spread by small black mosquitoes, has begun in Latin America and the Caribbean, this problem costs Colombia 15 RP, but luckily a mosquitoes resolution was passed few years ago, all mosquitoes related problems will be fixed automatically, so this problem is paid by the JN Welfare Fund. Last we have the China Sea Problem. Philippines and Japan must each pay 25 RP to China unless they can get the JN to reverse is resolution and return the status of these territories to the status quo. China will receive an additional 50 RP gained from the territorial acquisition. Philippines and Japan paid.

Second thing was Old Random Events, Last meeting we started a bid, the country that has the largest amount of bid, gets to host the world cup. There are six countries that had bid for it, and the winner goes to India! Kent, the ambassador of India, bid 80RP for the world cup, he gets 60RP plus 5 times the number from one roll of the die. He rolled 3, so he gets a total of 75RP back. China has the youth protest problem, the ambassador of China, Lulu, wrote a request for aid in the amount of 50RP, for helping the China government who is suffering from lots of youth protesting for a long time since January. But it failed. The JN President picked choice 2 for her, since she’s absent, and bad luck… It continues.

It’s been a long time since we have new businesses, first we have a new rule for the JN Refugee Fund, so from now on, all problems related to refugees, will be fixed by the JN Refugee Fund automatically. It was passed in favor of 5, and 2 against. Last we have Tax Code Reform, there are a few things changed:

    1. Taxes can only be paid when they are owed each meeting.
    2. Salaries for the government are included as income and can now be taxed.
    3. Countries ranked in bottom 33% in wealth are exempt for all taxes unless their income is higher than 30RP.
    4. If the value of the General Welfare Fund holds more than 45 points in wealth after a JN Meeting, the balance of the fund will be distributed evenly among the poorest 33% of countries.

These are the new rules for taxes.

Then we have Current New Problems, In the last 5 years, Japan has lost 1 million people. No there is no war or great plague ravaging the country… this problem will cost Japan 10RP. The Germany Army is shrinking. Not because it wants to, but because fewer Germans want to join, this problem will cost Germany 25RP. Its the 5 year anniversary of the revolution that overthrew the authoritarian rule in Egypt, they celebrated by finding and locking up anyone they consider a trouble maker or activist, this problem will cost Egypt 15RP. A gigantic fight involving over 200 young people broke out in London this week causing injuries, this is the biggest violent innocent in London since 2011. How will adding more refugees affect the situation? This problem will cost UK 25RP.

The last thing of the meeting, we have New Random Events, Jefferson the ambassador of Colombia, got global warming problem, he could get some help from the Climate Change Fund. He hasn’t make his choice yet, we’ll see what he’ll do next meeting. Japan has a technological breakthrough. What will Austin, the ambassador of Japan do? He’ll make his decision next meeting. Oil has been found in India! It seems like Kent, the ambassador of India, is really lucky this year! That’s wait and see what he’ll do with that.

Finally we ended the meeting.