JN Meeting- 01.23

Post date: Jan 23, 2016 3:26:31 AM

President: 2 term

Supreme council: 1 term

Today the meeting was held by Eugene, the ambassador of Philippines , because our original president is absent, and he is the only supreme council member, he is really nervous, and also he’s the first 7th grader working in the government too! Coming next is the supreme council election. This time so many countries are running for it. We got Mr. Brunken, the ambassador of the USA, Wendy, the ambassador of the UK, Kent, the ambassador of India, Eugene, the ambassador of Philippines, Jacqueline, the ambassador of Germany, Jacob, the ambassador of Egypt, Austin, the ambassador of Japan. First term, we have Kent, the ambassador of India, and Japan the ambassador of Japan elected, but there’s a tie between Wendy, Mr. Brunken, Jacob, and Eugene of 3 votes, so we have the second term of votes. Wendy, the ambassador of UK elected the third Supreme council.

The second thing we did today was to fix Current Old Problems, UK record rainfall in northern England has led to unprecedented flooding in the area, and it has been paid. A suicide bombing in Pakistan has left at least 26 dead and 45 wounded, Pakistan have to paid 15 RP to fix it. Japan finally settled a dispute with South Korean women who were forced to serve as “comfort women” to Japanese troops during WWII, Japan paid 20 RP to fix it. China had a rough few weeks as several problems fell their way, China have to pay 15 RP and all other JN Countries have to pay 5 RP. China is absent today, so the other country had paid, but the problems in China will get worse. Colombia will pay 25 RP or writing a resolution of banning the sale of illegal mined mineral like gold and Blood Diamonds from Africa, 9 votes for passes the resolution.

China was absent today, so the Old Random Events for China, the youth protest will get worst.

For Current New Problems, China Sea Problem, this problem will cost Philippines and Japan must each pay 25 RP to China unless they can get the JN to reverse is resolution and return the status of these territories to the status quo. China will receive an additional 50 RP gained from the territorial acquisition. Refugees continue to pour into Europe from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, even in the middle of winter, this problem will cost EU countries 30 RP each. An outbreak of the Zika virus, a disease spread by small black mosquitoes, has begun in Latin America and the Caribbean, this problem will cost Colombia 15 RP.

Last, for New Random events, the first one goes to Austin, the ambassador of Japan, #13 FIFA is looking for host country for the next World Cup, every country in the JN can go for a try. So everyone, get ready! The second one goes to Jacqueline the ambassador of Germany, #20 A meteor just crash into Germany from space, it’s quite large and has caused some damage, Jacqueline chose #1, pay 15 RP to repair the damage and tern the site into a tourist attraction and get 10 RP from the revenue. The last one goes to Small Sean, the ambassador of Pakistan, your government leaders have stopped fighting long enough to pass some much needed reforms, so you gain 10RP!!

We Ended the meeting here. And Great job Eugene!