First Meeting of the 2015-2016 Session

Post date: Sep 5, 2015 4:58:03 PM

First Meeting of the 2015-2016 Session

President: Term 1

Supreme Council: Term 1

Welcome all the countries to our first Joined Nations meeting!

We started off with a Presidential Election and a Supreme Council Election.

The ambassadors of United States, Cuba and Russia fought for the spot of the first president of the year. Though the United States had a powerful speech, most of the countries wanted to try something new and voted for a country that is in communist state, Cuba. After she swore into office, she began working and held the Supreme Council Election. The ambassador of Russia decided to run for the Supreme Council against Turkey, China, Egypt, Germany and the United Kingdom after attempting to fight for President but failed. The nominees had all been in the JN for a while, but we only have three spots. The most experienced ones, ambassadors of China, Russia and Germany were elected.

We have 3 new Random Events this week. Pakistan drew RE #19 and chose to protect the precious forest. No gain, no loss. Columbia got RE #17 and decided to take some time and wait till the next meeting to make his decision. And the third one we have poor Egypt. The government invested some reforms which turned out to be anti-reforms. That cost him 10RP.

We wrapped up our meeting with new Problems. Market crash

in the Chinese stock market needs a new stimulus. That will cost China 25RP. Protests in a northeastern Indian province turned violent as police opened fire on the protesters. The Indian government must think of something to help. This will cost India 6RP. Pakistan is also having a rough week. A gunfight, a suicide bombing and US airstrikes left people dead

in parts of the country. This costs Pakistan 5RP. Immigrant crisis in Europe continues. Eyes are on the UK and Germany to do something about the refugees and immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa. Unless a resolution is passed, this problem will cost the European region 20 RP per meeting.