And this year's nominees are...

Post date: Apr 28, 2017 9:55:23 AM

Here are the nominees for the Most Outstanding Nation and Most Improved Nation Awards. The winners will be debated and voted on at next week's meeting. Be ready to defend your favorite. Winners get a special prize.

The Most Outstanding Nation

Jacqueline Wu

There is no doubt that Jacqueline deserves to be considered for this award. She presided as leader of the JN for most of the year, and ran meetings efficiently and fairly. She was always well-prepared and provided a mature, confident voice to JN discussions and meetings. Even when she was not the President, she served on the History Committee for the whole year and helped other nations handle their business when they were struggling. It is hard to imagine what the JN would have been like without Jacqueline.

Ellen Lee

As the wealthiest nation for much of the year, Ellen must be considered for this award. Not only did she complete the most Current Events than any other member, but was active during most discussions and proposed three resolutions and many requests for aid this year. She gave service to the JN Government as a Supreme Councilwoman and served in the History Committee for half of the year. Her help and hard work made the JN more successful this year. There is little doubt that Ellen's performance in the JN was one of the best of the year.

Eugene Chiu

Eugene was more active than ever this year. He proposed and passed the most resolutions of all members this year. Many of these resolutions were original ideas that he went through the effort to write down and try to pass in the JN. Eugene also finished toward the top of the wealth rankings this year which is evidence of his hard work as a member. Eugene was one of only three members to complete Current Events this year as well. His work in the JN Government also cannot be overlooked as he served most of the year on the Supreme Council. He is worthy of recognition of this honor.

Most Improved Nation

Josh Lung

The last time Josh was a member of the JN, his country finished in last place with a total wealth of just 20. This year, Josh may be one of the Top 3. The last two years Josh spent in the JN, he participated very little in JN activities, but this year Josh was a leader, serving as Supreme Council, President, and general. Furthermore, Josh also introduced and passed a few resolutions and aid requests, something he had never done before.

Eugene Chiu

While Eugene finished in a similar position in the wealth standings this year, his participation and involvement in the JN improved significantly this year. He proposed the most resolutions of all nations compared to just one last year. He was active in forming alliances, speaking in debates, and participating in the government all year. All of which are improved from his work last year in the JN.

Jefferson Wu

Jefferson improved his wealth ranking this year a little., but more importantly he was reluctantly more participatory in the JN than last year. He proposed more resolutions and requests for aid this year and was more active in debates. He served in the government for a while as well.