9/23 Second JN meeting of the 2017~2018 session

Post date: Sep 23, 2017 1:37:31 PM

Second meeting

President: Term 2

Senator: Term 1

Today we started with the presentations, Josh Lung the Ambassador of Japan, and Eugene Chiu the Ambassador of England both presented amazing presentations.

Then started with old problems.

There was a 100RP problem for USA. 50RP was paid by Himself, and 50RP was paid by the JN Environmental Protection Fund.

Japan asked for aid, and was passed. The General Welfare Fund pays 25RP for his problem.

Angola asked for aid, passed too. The General Welfare fund pays 10RP for his problem.

The United Kingdom also asked for aid too, but blocked. He pays 15RP to solve his problem.

Moving on, old random events.

New Zealand with random event #9. Chose choice 3, to save the fluffy things, gained 5RP.

India with random event #10. Chose choice 1, sent the war criminal to trial, gained 10RP.

Nigeria with random event #12 Chose choice 2, gained 20RP.

Next, the new random events.

Japan with random event #3, chose to choose next week.

South Africa with random event #14, chose to choose next week too.

Argentina with random event #11, also chose to choose next week too.

At last, lets take a look of the new problems.

First, floods and Rohingya people will cost India 50RP.

Second, a fight of religion leaders will cost Nigeria 10RP.

Third, massive hack to government and companies will cost Argentina 10RP.

Last, a broken oil pipe will cost New Zealand 12RP.