3/3 Eleventh JN Meeting of 2017~2018

Post date: Mar 6, 2018 1:26:33 PM

Eleventh Meeting

President: Term 3

Senate: Term 2

First we started with old current problem

1.Italy's rail way traffic-problem 30 rp: pay 20, Pakistan help pay 10

2.Indonesia's earthquake problem : summit a request for aid ask for 25 Rp from human right fund, to save those who suffer and be trap quickly


3.South Africa's Water tax problem , didn’t come, let it stay

4.UK: Crime problem: request for aid: seeking 30 Rp from the JN, didn’t pass.


Uk pay15

Pakistan pay5

Japan pay 5

Saudi Arabia pay 5

5.India Taj Mahal problem ask 10 Rp form the EPF

Result: Pass

Next we move on to old random event

1.South Africa No.17, chose 3, write a resolution asking Jn to pay 80rp , pass

At last let's take a look at the new random event

New random event

Angola No 12 chose at the next meeting

China No 8 chose at the next meeting

Turkey No 4 chose at the next meeting