3/24 Twelfth JN Meeting

Post date: Apr 4, 2018 2:50:48 PM

Twelfth Meeting

President: Term 1

Senate: Term 4

First, we started with the president election.

There were four candidates, the ambassador of Indonesia was elected as president.

Moving on, there are five old problems.

Argentina paid his 25RP problem by himself.

Ambassador of Angola was absent, problem not fixed.

UK paid his 20RP problem.

Nigeria asked for 18RP aid for her problem, aid passed, 18RP from GWF 12RP from herself.

The last problem effected three countries, India, Russia, China, they all paid 10RP.

Next, we solved the old random events.

Russia with #12 choose choice 1, and gains 20RP.

UK with #11 chose choice 2, 2RP for each country, didn't spread.

Then, we chose the new random events

India got #13 Fifa world cup bid event.

Indonesia with #21 chose choice 1, oops! Civil war launched side up will be chose next meeting.

South Africa with #1 chose choice 1, ignored oil discovery.

Last, we have our new problems.

Saudi Arabia's conflict with Yemen will cost his country 55RP.

The trade war between USA and China will cost China 40RP.

Water shortage in India's third large city Bangalore will cost India 55RP.

Pakistan's will have to pay 30RP to save it's milk crisis.

This was the meeting.