2017/2/25 JN meeting

Post date: Mar 4, 2017 1:27:44 AM

We started with old random events today. China, who had #4, chose the first option and nothing bad happened. Malaysia, who had #1, chooses option two which allows the US to invest in their land. Malaysia gets 6 RP from the US and luckily no protests. Poland had #2, but was solved by a resolution that requested to solve all disease problems.

Next was old problems. Fighting in eastern Ukraine this week between Russian supported separatist forces and Ukrainian forces have caused death and destruction in the disputed area. This problem cost Russia 25 RP and was paid. A strike by Kenyan doctors working for the government is now almost two months old with no end in sight. The government is refusing to enter into a collective bargaining agreement with state doctors to end the strike, instead hoping to hire doctors from abroad cheaper. This problem will cost Kenya 20 RP, and was paid. Because protests of their poor working conditions and low pay, police in 30 cities in Brazil have gone and strike, and as a result, the murder rate has increased 650%. This problem cost Brazil 40 RP, and was paid. Storms have ravaged southern Spain in the last month, and the result has been a devastated vegetable crop that has affected the supply of vegetables for all of Europe. Vegetable sales are down by almost half across the continent as production from Spain and Italy.This problem will cost Spain 30 RP and all other countries in the Europe region 15 RP but was payed by the JN.

Moving on to new business, Russia wanted to remove the trade sanctions and promises to remove his military point if passes. Luckily it passed, and we wish Russia a better and more peaceful future. Poland wanted to set up a gambling game in the JN, that forces every member to play in every meeting. Not really liking the idea, the resolution did not pass.

Next was new random events, which Russia got #10 and chose the third option, leading to a scientific breakthrough and gets 5 TP. Jordan, with #17 and Poland with #5, chose to wait till the next meeting.

Last was new problems, Mexico City, one of the largest cities in all the world and home to almost 30 million people, is sinking into the ground and parched for water. Mexico City cannot get enough water for all of its people without drilling into the ground and sucking up more and more ground water. The problem is that as the water gets sucked up, the ground sinks. This problem will cost Mexico 35 RP. Algeria did battle with militants near its eastern border and killed 14 militants. Ongoing clashes with these groups are putting a strain on Algerian resources that are already struggling with a weakening economy. This problem will cost Algeria 15 RP. Bird flu outbreaks in Spain and China this past week have put the world on alert for a possible pandemic. Already the outbreak is forcing both countries and others around the world to cull tens of thousands ‘of chickens, ducks, and geese to prevent its spread. While the virus hasn’t been highly contagious for humans, it might be only a matter of time. Both countries need to work to get the disease under control. This problem will cost Spain and China 15 RP each. And that wrapped up our meeting, we’ll see you again next time!