2017/03/11 JN Meeting

Post date: Mar 12, 2017 12:20:53 PM


ST:1 (China 3)

We started with the new supreme council election. Jordan, Malaysia and USA ran for the election, and Jordan and Malaysia got elected with 7 and 6 votes.

Next was old random events. Jordan had mosquitoes problem has breakout in your country, and you have a team of doctors in your country has developed an awesome super vaccine that pretty much prevents all of those nasty mosquito-borne diseases. But they are keeping it a secret and want to sell it to make a huge profit. Jordan chose to kill scientists and sell the vaccine and got 32 RP from all countries. Poland has war broken out between two small countries in your region. While the conflict is mostly contained to those countries’ borders, the floods of refugees fleeing the war zones are causing a burden on your economy and others in your region. Poland chose to pay 20 RP but sadly at a 50% the conflict continues.

We move to old random event. Mexico City, one of the largest cities in all the world and home to almost 30 million people, is sinking into the ground and parched for water. Mexico City cannot get enough water for all of its people without drilling into the ground and sucking up more and more ground water. The problem is that as the water gets sucked up, the ground sinks. Mexico paid 35 RP and solve the problem. Algeria did battle with militants near its eastern border and killed 14 militants. Ongoing clashes with these groups are putting a strain on Algerian resources that are already struggling with a weakening economy. This problem will cost Algeria 15 RP, but protected by the random event last time and the problem fix automatically. Bird flu outbreaks in Spain and China this past week have put the world on alert for a possible pandemic. Already the outbreak is forcing both countries and others around the world to cull tens of thousands ‘of chickens, ducks, and geese to prevent its spread. While the virus hasn’t been highly contagious for humans, it might be only a matter of time. This problem will cost Spain and China 15 RP each. They wrote a resolution and passed to pay 15RP each for China and Spain from JN welfare fund. A strike by Kenyan doctors working for the government is now almost two months old with no end in sight. The government is refusing to enter into a collective bargaining agreement with state doctors to end the strike, instead hoping to hire doctors from abroad cheaper. Kenya wrote a resolution from to receive 40Rp help from JN welfare fund and he paid 40 RP to set up a JN health insurance in JN welfare fund, that makes anyone with a problem related to healthcare and insurance need to pay only 5 RP to welfare fund to fix the problem.

Then we go on to new random event. Mexico’s government invested in some reforms to help your struggling economy, but those turned out to be worse than the way things were, and Mexico lost 10 RP t fix this problem(#16). Due to increased demand for illegal drugs in other countries in Spain’s region, the manufacturing of illegal drugs has increased in Spain causing an increase in violent crime, drug use, and drug trafficking across the border.(#19) Algeria had young people take the streets in very large numbers in anger over recent legislation in your country. They are blocking traffic, causing distractions, and even blocking the entrances to government buildings, but Algeria chose to wait till next week. (#4)Malaysia had a meteor crash into their country from space! It was quite large and caused some damage. Malaysia chose to pay 15 RP and got 9 RP bay rolling the dice(#20).

Last was new current events. Drug use is on the rise in Spain where the country now has one of the highest illegal drug consumption rates in all of Europe, and the age at which Spaniards are using drugs, alcohol, and tobacco is getting lower too. Most troubling is the rates of prescription drug abuse, that there are with one out of four kids under 18 having had tried drugs. This will cost Spain 30 RP. Malaysia’s bird flu has begun to affect chicken farms in Malaysia this past week. The strain of the flu is the same as the one that hit China the past few weeks. It is highly contagious and therefore is spreading. This problem will cost Malaysia 25 RP to contain and an additional 25 RP to prevent a pandemic.Turkey and Jordan continue to shoulder the biggest share of the burden of the refugee problem. Over 1.3 million refugees have settled in Jordan since the crisis began and 60% of the funding for those refugees came from its own pockets. Jordan and Turkey are desperately in need of relief funds to care for the unending flow of refugees. This problem will cost Turkey and Jordan 35 RP each. And that was the end of our meeting. Bye!