2017/02/11 JN Meeting

Post date: Feb 13, 2017 1:39:58 PM



We started with old problems, China having air pollution problems, that costs 35 RP. But half were paid automatically, which means China only has to pay half of the RP. Going on was Jordan, who had a 20RP problem due to an attack, killing and injuring some. The problem was paid. Next was Kenya, as the country gets wealthier, people choose to eat fast foods, leading to cancer. But Kenya’s health system is not prepared to handle the situation, causing a 20 RP problem but is paid because of security. Turkey had two major attacks claimed by Islam and Kurdish forces, caused more than 40 deaths and injuries. The problem costs 30 RP which Turkey pays.

Then we moved on to old random events. Malaysia had a disease outbreak, and paid 25RP to contain, but gets epidemic. Worse, causing pandemic this week , Brazil and

Jordan getting infected. 20 RP by both countries are expected next week. In Kenya, oil has been discovered. Kenya chooses to make a drilling operation to harvest oil, luckily no protests happened and gets 40 RP.

Russia had a trade sanctions that against them and wishes to cancel it, but wasn’t passed.

Moving on was new random events. China had young people protesting on the streets, but chose to wait till next week. Spain had a meteor crashed into the country, and got 2TP after paying 15 RP to fix the damage and giving it to scientists. Malaysia discovered oil in their country but decided to wait. Poland has a disease spreading in the country, but the ambassador hasn’t made a choice on how to deal with it.

Last we move on to new current events. Renewed fighting in eastern Ukraine this week between Russian supported separatist forces and Ukrainian forces have caused death and destruction in the disputed area. Dozens have been killed in the fighting. This problem will cost Russia 25 RP. A strike by Kenyan doctors working for the government is now almost two months old with no end in sight. The government refused to enter into a collective bargaining agreement with state doctors to end the strike, instead hoping to hire doctors from abroad cheaper. This problem will cost Kenya 20 RP each meeting until it is resolved or Kenya can secure aid from the JN to end the strike. In protest of their poor working conditions and low pay, police in 30 cities in Brazil have gone and strike, and as a result, the murder rate has increased 650%. The government has sent hundreds of troops to affected areas to restore order, but it is clear that a substantial investment in resources is needed to quell the trouble. This problem will cost Brazil 40 RP. Storms have ravaged southern Spain in the last month, and the result has been a devastated vegetable crop that has affected the supply of vegetables for all of Europe. This makes less money for Spanish farmers and higher prices for consumers across Europe as stores must now import vegetables from the US to meet demand. This problem will cost Spain 30 RP and all other countries in the Europe region 15 RP.

This is the end of meeting.