2016/4/16 JN meeting

Post date: Apr 16, 2016 12:49:33 PM

President: 2 term

Supreme Council: 4 term (1st term for Jacqueline)

Today we started the meeting by Supreme Council Election, Eugene, the ambassador of Philippine, Jacqueline, the ambassador of Germany, Jefferson, the ambassador of Colombia, Sean, the ambassador of Pakistan, Jacob, the ambassador of Egypt. Jacqueline become the new supreme council by getting 4 votes in class.

We went on to the Current old problems, a plane flying out of Egypt this week was hijacked by a man with explosives, Egypt paid 17 RP and the problems is fixed. A Fly Dubai airplane in Russia crashed near the city of Rostov-on-Don killing everyone on board, it cost Russia 15 RP and had be paid. Wild elephants rampaged through West Bengal, killing 5 people in India this past week, mostly farmers. Elephants kill about 400 people a year in India, paid 15 RP and the problems is fixed. At least 14 people were killed and 53 others wounded on Wednesday when a bomb destroyed a bus carrying government employees to work in the city of Peshawar, officials said, it cost Pakistan 30 RP which more than last week, cause Sean didn’t come last week, but congratulation~ The problem is fixed.

Next, we went on to Old random events, a deposit of precious metals has been discovered in a national park in Germany, building a mine would destroy their habitat and may cause them to go extinct. Germany chose number 3 and the problems is fixed. A meteor just crashed into UK from space, Wendy chose number 2, but unfortunately, she have to lose 15 RP to fix the problem.

We went on to Current new problems, a massive information leak from a prominent Panamanian international corporate lawyer’s office has revealed a massive web of corruption that has implicated hundred of global political leaders, business moguls, and celebrities, which will cost Russia, Colombia, China, Egypt, Japan, the USA, the UK, and Pakistan 20 RP each. China found out that over 80% of the wells that provide water to rural villages was too polluted to drink or bathe in. The pollution has been caused by decades of farming and industrial runoff, or waste water full of toxic chemicals and animal waste. China appears to be on the verge of a water crisis, this will cost China 30 RP. Refugee shelters in Germany and other parts of Europe are filling up fast as governments are struggling to deal with to deal with the numbers. Furthermore, support for welcoming refugees is dropping after several terrorist attacks in Europe. More resources are needed to stop this from turning into a humanitarian disaster, it will cost Germany & UK 30 RP each. A 6.4 mag earthquake on Friday and then a 7.1 quake Saturday morning have left hundreds of thousands without power, buildings damaged, hundreds injured, and two dead in Japan, it will cost Japan 25 RP to clean up.

At last, we get to New random events, India, has random event #5, war has broken out between two small countries in his region, he chose 2, care for the refugees no matter the cost for as long as it is needed because it is the right thing to do, and fixed by the refugee fund. Colombia has random event #12, a rich patriot in his country died and left his wealth to the country, he chose 2, to spend it on security protected his country's for next problem, and the problem is fixed. USA has a random event #1, oil has been discovered in a remote part of his country, he chose 3, ignore it, and the problems is fixed. Japan has random event #17, a mosquitoes problem, this problems is fixed automatically by the JN Welfare Fund.

The meeting ends. Well done, everyone!

P.S. Remember next meeting will be your last chance to do your mission card!