2016.3.19 JN Meeting

Post date: Mar 19, 2016 5:33:41 AM

President: 4 term

Supreme Council: 3 term

Today we start in Current old problems, in the last 5 years, Japan has lost 1 million people. No there is no war or great plague ravaging the country. Germany Army is shrinking. Not because it wants to, but because fewer Germans want to join. Its the 5 year anniversary of the revolution that overthrew the authoritarian rule in Egypt, they celebrated by finding and locking up anyone they consider a trouble maker or activist. A gigantic fight involving over 200 young people broke out in London this week causing injuries. Japan paid 10 Rp, Germany paid 25 Rp, Egypt paid 15 RP, and UK paid 25 Rp to fixed all the problems.

Next, we continued on Old random events, Jefferson, the ambassador of Colombia has a #8 global warming that harm the people and the economy’s problem,and he wrote a request for aid for 15RP from Climate change fund and pass by super council, the problem fixed! Austin, the ambassador of Japan has a #3 scientist are asking for more funding for there research along’s problem, but Austin didn’t come this week, so the problem will depend on next meeting. Kent, the ambassador of India has a #1 oil was founded, but no country want to drill and pump the oil’s problem, he gets 40 Rp by paying 1 TP, and the problems is fixed. Lulu, the ambassador of China, has a #4 youth protests problem that already last for at least three meetings, she wrote a resolution form of random events can only last for three continual actions, the problems will be stopped at the third meetings, and will be paid to fix and the problems will ends. This resolution pass by in the vote of 6 in favor to 0 against, and the president today(Is Wendy, cause Matthew is absent today) decide to let her problem pass, Although the resolution just passed today. Congratulation~ Lulu!

Third, we move on Current new problems, The finance world’s attention is on the Philippines this week as $80 million US was stolen electronically from Bangladesh, this will cause Philippines 20 RP. In Pakistan, at least 14 people were killed and 53 others wounded on Wednesday when a bomb destroyed a bus carrying government employees to work in the city of Peshawar, it will cause Pakistan 15 RP to fix it. The UK’s Network Rail (national train system) has suffered immensely under new regulations and financial burdens, and it will cause UK 20 RP.

Last, we go on New random events, Kent, the ambassador of India, draw a #7 problem, a new natural wonder has been founded, and people visited over there, and he get 7 Rp. Jefferson, the ambassador of Colombia and Sean, the ambassador of Pakistan draw a #15 problem, their government leaders have stopped fighting long enough to pass some much needed reforms, and the Lucky two of them, all get 10 Rp!!! Eugene, the ambassador of Philippines has a #6 problems, a large flood has devastated part of his country, and he decided to wait and chose until next meeting.

The meeting ends. What a lucky day for everyone!