2016/12/21 JN Meeting

Post date: Dec 21, 2016 3:05:48 PM

Today we start at the swear of new elected supreme council from last meeting, then we go on the old problems. Poland has lagging far behind the rest of Europe in health care spending and health outcomes to has the fewest doctors per person and spends the least on health care in the entire EU. Algeria is facing an economy on the edge of recession. Reports shows that Algeria’s economy is beginning weaken and the GDP is down. Political and economic problems are far from over in Brazil as evidenced by the resignation of its finance minister this week because of his involvement in a corrupt real estate deal. This event as further fueled speculation that the country is far from recovery after its World Cup/Olympics/Presidential impeachment debacle. A Russian rocket carrying an unmanned resupply vessel for the ISS broke up in the atmosphere and crashed to Earth last week. Poland, Algeria, Brazil, and Russia each paid 15 RP for fixing their problem.

Next, we move on to old random events. Kenya has a rich patriot died and left his wealth to the country (problem 12), he choose#2 to Spend it on security to protected him from Kenya’s next problem, no matter what it is. Mexico has a epidemic this week, and thanks to USA’s generous, Mexico only has to paid half (15RP).

We got 2 resolution today for new business. Poland, Malaysia, Russia, Spain has formed allies from EKSJ. The second resolution was a trade on Russia, to give Russia privately punishment for bombing hospital and killing innocent people, JN passed this trade and let Russia can’t receive any help from any members, JN Refugee Fund, and JN Welfare Fund.

For new random events, A famous nuclear scientist that developed advanced rockets and nuclear weapons systems for his home country that have caused the deaths of many innocent people has come to Malaysia for seeking freedom and protection from the government of his home. He choose #2 drawed 10 and nothing happened. A deposit that sits on the habitat of several endangered species. of precious metals has been discovered in a national park in Jordan. An unknown disease is ravaging USA’s nation's crops.The increasing demand for illegal drugs in other countries in Kenya’s region. the manufacturing of illegal drugs has increased in Kenya causing an increase in violent crime, drug use, and drug trafficking across the border. Jordan, USA, Kenya will all wait and decide in next meeting!

At last, for new current problems, Violence against drug cartels in Mexico near the border with the US appears to be flaring up again as nearly 700 people have been killed there just this year. To sent more police and resources to stop the outbreak, Mexico have to pay 20 RP to solve the problem. Malaysia’s currency has failed to recover from the post-US election slump from a month ago. More than $4.5 billion has been paid out to foreigners who have cashed in their bonds. This problem will cost Malaysia 20 RP. A couple of car bombs exploded in Istanbul this past week killing 36 and injuring more than a 160, and 31 police officers. The attack is thought to be the work of Kurdish separatist terrorists who have been blamed for other attacks in recent months. This problem will cost Turkey 20 RP to clean up.

This is the end of the meeting! See you next time!