2016/11/19 JN meeting

Post date: Nov 23, 2016 1:32:38 AM

President: Term 1

Supreme Council: Term 3

Today we start at old problems, Stray artillery shells from the Syrian Civil War are landing in Jordanian territory, damaging roads and buildings. Luckily, no one was hurt or killed. Jordan paid 12RP. Spain spent an enormous amount of money building a wall to stop drug smuggling, but it appears to be ineffective. Spain must pay for the wall and drug policing. Spain paid 15RP. Algeria has seen a rapid increase in refugees and migrant workers from Sub-Saharan Africa in the past few months, and it’s causing racial strife, resource drain, and other problems in the country. Algeria paid 40Rp. A mine explosion in China has left 33 mine workers dead. Sparks usually ignite gas released by the Earth to cause explosions that kill and trap miners underground. China spend 12Rp to clean up. Bombings, protests, and unrest are rife across Turkey this past week as Turkish President’s government cracks down on those who helped with the failed coup attempt earlier this year.There are more than 100,000 people have been punished or arrested, and the government plans to put them all on trial. Turkey spends 17 Rp to fix the problem.

Next we move to old random events, Mexico had a #3 problems and she choice 3 - paid 1 RP, no breakthrough. Countries in China’s region are all disputing the ownership of a group of islands, he choose 3 and wrote a resolution to set up a natural preserve to avoid war, and the resolution passed by 10:0 to against. Doctors in Spain has developed a super vaccine that pretty much prevents all of those nasty mosquito-borne diseases, but they are keeping it a secret and want to sell it to a multi-national corporation to make a huge profit, he choose 2 paid 35 RP, the vaccine is4 RP, and gain 4*10 RP !!!

We move on to new resolution, USA wrote a resolution that will build a JN security force that will act as a enforce, unfortunately, the resolution failed by the vote of 5:4.

Than we go on to new random events, Mexico had a #2 problem, a deadly new disease has been reported in Mexico, and she has to do something before it get worse.

Heavy pollution in Spain has ruined some of their fresh water reserves and makes water shortages in Spain (problem 8). Young people in Brazil have taken to the streets in very large numbers in anger over recent legislation (problem 4). Mexico, Spain, and Brazil will all decide in next meeting.

At last, we move to new problems. The US economy and foreign policy have huge effects on the global community by the surprise election of Donald Trump, Mexico is especially on edge as many of Trump’s campaign promises included deporting Mexicans back to Mexico and building a border wall and making Mexico pay for it. This problem will cost USA and Mexico 30 RP each, and 10 RP each for other nations. Tons of garbage that is dumped or flows into Repulse Bay washes up on beaches all over the Hong Kong territory ruining the quality of life in some of Hong Kong’s wealthiest areas. The garbage problem this year has made the many beaches of Hong Kong unusable and have endangered many animal species in the area. This problem will cost China 35 RP to clean up. A severe drought has hit the arid and semi-arid regions of Kenya recently. This will cost Kenya 50 Rp or it can pass a resolution that sets up a JN Food and Water Program that ensures the food and water security of all nations in the JN by making these problems shared among all JN Nations. Jordan’s capital has a traffic problem, The government is trying to invest in public transportation to help, but only 5% of people are using the system and instead there are more than a million cars on the road in a town of 4 million. This will cost Jordan 25 RP to work on and finding solutions.

This is the end of the meeting