2016/11/05 JN Meeting

Post date: Nov 9, 2016 11:52:30 AM

President: Term 4

Supreme Council: Term 3 (No resolution)

This week we started the meeting with old problems. Mexico health workers’ in Oaxaca began striking this weekend in protest of millions of their retirement dollars being taken out of their pension fund to pay for new staff, and Mexico paid 15 rp to fix the problem. Malaysia’s food poisoning cases have hit the schools this week, Hundreds of students from several schools were admitted to hospitals for food poisoning from lunches they received at school, Malaysia paid 12 Rp to solved the problem. Kenya is facing an increased amount of white-collar crime. As of October, 873 people in East Africa’s biggest economy were facing corruption charges in court, and put Kenya among the world’s 30 most corrupt countries, Kenya cost 20 Rp to fixed it. Turkish fighters bombed fighters in and around Aleppo, jets targeted YPP fighters who the US believes is fighting against ISIS. It spends Turkey 15 Rp to clean up the mess.

Next, we have the old Random Events. Jordan drawn #4 problem, people in her country have taken to the streets in very large numbers in anger over recent legislation.Choose #2 to pay 10RP, but bad luck to her, she drawn 2 and the protest continued. Turkey had drawn #13 last meeting that FIFA is looking for host country for the next World Cup, Turkey won the right to host the world cup from the other three country and gets 60+25RP!

For new Random Events this week. Mexico has a #3 problem, scientists in Mexico say they are on the verge of a technological breakthrough, and asking for more funding to help their research along. A large flood has devastated part of USA (problem 6), USA choose #1 and paid 30Rp. Countries in China’s region are all disputing the ownership of a group of islands, countries in region that are interested, remember to write a resolution~ Doctors in Spain has developed a super vaccine that pretty much prevents all of those nasty mosquito-borne diseases, but they are keeping it a secret and want to sell it to a multi-national corporation to make a huge profit (problem 17). Mexico, China, and Spain will make the choice next meeting.

We have the Presidential Election this meeting, so that the new president can take over in the next meeting. USA had no challenger and win the president election!

Last but not least, new Problems were assigned. Stray artillery shells from the Syrian Civil War are landing in Jordanian territory, damaging roads and buildings. Luckily, no one was hurt or killed. This will cost Jordan 12RP. Spain spent an enormous amount of money building a wall to stop drug smuggling, but it appears to be ineffective. Spain must pay for the wall and drug policing. This will cost Spain 15RP. Algeria has seen a rapid increase in refugees and migrant workers from Sub-Saharan Africa in the past few months, and it’s causing racial strife, resource drain, and other problems in the country. This will cost Algeria 40Rp. A mine explosion in China has left 33 mine workers dead. Sparks usually ignite gas released by the Earth to cause explosions that kill and trap miners underground. This will cost China 12Rp to clean up. Bombings, protests, and unrest are rife across Turkey this past week as Turkish President’s government cracks down on those who helped with the failed coup attempt earlier this year., there are more than 100,000 people have been punished or arrested, and the government plans to put them all on trial. This will cost Turkey 17 Rp to fix the problem.

See you next meeting:)