2016/10/22 JN Meeting

Post date: Oct 26, 2016 11:09:03 AM

President: Term 3

Supreme council: Term 2

Today, we start at the Old Current problems, 140 thousand tons of plastic floating in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and California, appears to be even worse than the scientific community. the Environmental Protection fund had paid the half, Mexico Malaysia Russia China paid 10Rp each to solved the problem. The Syrian Civil War has raged and devastated Syria and its people for over 5 years now. Russia had sent the military in and bombing targets it says are ISIS but other sources say are rebel troops that are fighting the Government forces in and around Aleppo. This cause Russia 15RP for its involvement. Poland has millions of women staged a nationwide protest against a proposed law that would send women who get abortions to prison for up to 5 years. Poland write an request for aid and this 20Rp problems had been solved by JN welfare fund. China has a Super Typhoon Meranti that hammered China last week super typhoon, and this problem makes China to paid 10 RP. Mexico had a hurricane that cause a really huge damage and makes residents suffered, by writing request for aid, 20 Rp for the problem has been paid from the Environmental fund.

Next, we go on Old random events. Brazil had a #5 problem that war has broken out between two small countries in Brazil’s region. He choose 3 to draw stick and problem was fixed! Kenya had a #19 problem that a rich land developer chopping down forest for selling woods, by choosing 1, the forest has been rescued and No loss~ Russia had a #20 problem that a meteor just crashed into Russia from space, Russia choose 1, but after old current problem, he doesn't have enough resource points to solve the problem, but thanks to Malaysia, he help Russia to pay 15Rp and Russia get 5Rp. How kind is him! Jordan has a #14 problem that countries in her region are all disputing the ownership of a islands in the ocean. She choose 1 to write a resolution to control the island and generously donate each 5 RP to the welfare and refugee fund, but unfortunately failed when the resolution is voting.

Then we move on to the New Random event. Jordan drawn #4 problem, people in her country have taken to the streets in very large numbers in anger over recent legislation. To carefully making a choice, she decide to choose next meeting. Russia drawn #7 new natural wonder has been discovered in his country and luckily get 10 Rp!!! USA drawn #20 a meteor just crashed into your country from space, and choose 1 to pay 15Rp and get five. Turkey drawn #13 that FIFA is looking for host country for the next World Cup! This time, Everyone is involved, every country that is willing to host the cup can use any way to let Mr. Brunken (FIFA) know and also write on the money on it that you would want to spend, the winner can get a huge amount of Rp!!!

At last, we go on New current problems, Mexico’s health workers in Oaxaca began striking this weekend in protest of millions of their retirement dollars being taken out of their pension fund to pay for new staff, this will cause Mexico 15 Rp. Malaysia’s food poisoning cases have hit the schools this week, Hundreds of students from several schools were admitted to hospitals for food poisoning from lunches they received at school, this will cause Malaysia 12 Rp. Kenya is facing an increased amount of white-collar crime. As of October, 873 people in East Africa’s biggest economy were facing corruption charges in court, and put Kenya among the world’s 30 most corrupt countries, this will cause Kenya 20 Rp. Turkish fighters bombed fighters in and around Aleppo, jets targeted YPP fighters who the US believes is fighting against ISIS. this will cause Turkey 15 Rp.

This is the end of the meeting.