1/27 Tenth JN Meeting of 2017~2018

Post date: Jan 28, 2018 9:58:42 AM

Tenth Meeting

President: Term 2

Senate: Term 1

First, we started with the senate election.

There were five candidates, the elected senates are Hung-yu the ambassador of Saudi Arabia, Leo the ambassador of India, and Mr. Brunken ambassador of USA.

Next, there are five old problems.

Russia paid her 25RP problem by herself.

India requested for aid and was passed, 13RP from HRF, 7RP from Saudi Arabia, 10RP from himself.

Italy's 25RP problem paid by EPF.

Pakistan's 25RP problem, 15RP paid by the HRF and 10RP by himself.

USA's 50RP problem, with 25RP automatically paid by EPF, the rest was paid by himself.

Then, there was only one old random event.

Italy with #18 chose choice 2, gets 30RP lose 1AP. Members in EU (Russia and Italy) lose 10RP.

Moving on, new random events.

Angola with #8 chose to choose next week.

USA with #12 chose choice 2, and gets protected from the next problem.

South Africa with #17 chose to choose next week.

Last, new current events.

First, lots of train crash will cost Italy 30RP.

Second, Java's earthquake will cost Indonesia 40RP.

Next, the drought in Cape Town will cost South Africa 50R.

Then, knife attacks in UK will cost his country 30RP.

Last, giving a mud bath to Taj Mahal will cost India 25RP.

This was the meeting.