11/25 Sixth JN Meeting of 2017~2018 session

Post date: Dec 11, 2017 1:37:10 PM

Sixth meeting

President: Term 2

Senator: Term 5{change}

First, senators have their terms up, their were six runners

Leo India 4 votes

Jacob Pakistan 10 votes

Jefferson Italy 9 votes

Winston Indonesia 3 votes

Edison Angola 3 votes

Austin Argentina 8 votes

Everyone have three vote

New senate



Austin Congratulation

Next, let's take a look at old problem,first

1.Saudi Arabia's has a 25 rp crown prince problem, Saudi Arabia pay11, India donate 5, Angola donate 9

All other nation pay 1 rp

2.Nigeria and Italy human traffic problem, Pakistan present a resolution, 300 RP to make a new fund Refugee fund turns into Human right fund for all human right related , All nation pay 5 Rp, US pay 75 RP. Uk, Japan, Pakistan speak for , he hopes everyone can support this resolution, 7 favor, 5 no pass

3.India have a resolution, Fines go into EPF, Fine for top five air pollution country, Us Saudi Arabia, Japan China India, Russia, Eu , EPF auto pays air pollution problems, 3 favor 7 against, didn't pass

4.Pakistan has a air pollution problem, Pakistan presented a request for aid, ask for 2o rp, environmental protection pay 20 rp , all pass

5.Indonesia presented a request for aid

    1. Explosion :request for aid firework factory 20 rp, pass pay by GWF 5 yes 3 no

6.Italy has a region problem, pay 20 rp

Moving on, old random event

Nigeria No8. Heavy pollution Chose 3, pay 65 and 4 tp

Japan No11. crop diseases chose 2 pay 2 Rp to all JN, 50per spread 234 good 156 bad, dice 1, problem not solved

Pakistan No19. chose 1. Get 10Rp

At last, New random event

Japan No.12 chose 1 get 20 rp

Russia No.12 chose 1 get 20 rp

Argentina No.4 been protect from the problem