12/23 Eighth JN Meeting of 2017~2018

Post date: Dec 30, 2017 2:47:25 AM

Eighth meeting

President: Term 4

Senate: Term 3

First, we started with old problems.

New Zealand's 2TP problem isn't fixed.

Indonesia asked for 18RP aid, for his 25RP problem. Aid passed 18RP paid by EPF, the rest paid by himself.

Pakistan paid his 25RP problem.

China paid his 20RP problem by himself too.

Next, there are three old random events.

The ambassador of China was absent, his random event #22 wasn't solved.

Russia with #5 chose 3, wrote a resolution form. Passed, 25RP from USA, 15RP from India, 1RP each from number 5~14, conflict ends.

UK with #10 chose choice 1, earn 10RP.

Moving on, new random events.

Russia with #21 chose to choose next week.

Pakistan got #8 chose to choose next week.

Angola with #9 chose choice three and saved the fluffy things.

Last, new current events.

First, expensive gases will cost Italy 20RP

Second, an earthquake at Java will cost Indonesia 15RP.

Next, terror attacks at Pakistan will cause a 20RP problem.

Last, a drought at South Africa will cost South Africa 25RP.

Oh!!! Don't forget there is a presidential election at last of the meeting.

There are two nominees USA and UK.

UK won with only a gap of two votes.