1203 Sixth Meeting of the 2016-2017 session

Post date: Dec 6, 2016 5:12:22 PM

Sixth Meeting of the 2016-2017 Session

President: Term 2

Supreme Council: Term 4

Today we started the meeting with old problems. Mexico requested for aid for her problem and had the problem fixed. US paid 30 RP and everyone else paid 10 RP. China wrote a request for aid and got his problem fixed. Jordan paid her problem and also wrote a resolution to help Kenya. Resolution passed and helped Kenya reduce the problem to half.

Moving on, old random events. Mexico chose choice 2, spent 25 RP but unluckily, an epidemic still happened. This will continue to be a problem for Mexico. Spain chose number 1 for his random event. Everyone got 5 RP for selling water to Spain. Brazil chose choice 2, paid 10 RP and successfully ended the protest.

No new businesses so we continued with Random Events. We had three new Random Events this week. Brazil’s government invested in some reforms. Now they turned out to be bad and lost 10 RP. On the other hand, Jordan’s government stopped fighting and passed some reforms that helped the country a lot. Jordan gained 10 RP. A rich patriot in Kenya died and left his wealth to the country. Let’s see next week what he’ll do.

Four new Problem were assigned. Poland is lagging far behind the rest of Europe in health care spending and health outcomes. To improve the quality of life for its people, increased spending is needed. This will cost Poland 15 RP. Recent reports show that Algeria’s economy is beginning to weaken. Algeria’s economy is almost completely dependent on oil, and with oil prices being much lower the past two years, Algeria’s economy has taken a hit. This is a 15 RP problem for Algeria. Political and economic problems are far from over in Brazil as evidenced by the resignation of its finance minister this week because of his involvement in a corrupt real estate deal. This event as further fueled speculation that the country is far from recovery after its World Cup/Olympics/Presidential impeachment debacle. This problem will cost Brazil 15 RP. A Russian rocket carrying an unmanned resupply vessel for the ISS broke up in the atmosphere and crashed to Earth this week. It was the second failure in a row for the craft. This problem will cost Russia 15 RP.

Last, we have the Supreme Council Election. The nominees were the ambassadors of Turkey, Poland, Russia, Malaysia and Mexico. The first two were Poland and Russia, while there was a tie between Turkey and Mexico. The second election declared Mexico as the third Supreme Council member. None of the current council members got re-elected. Let’s see how this works!