11/21 Sixth 2015-2016 JN Meeting news update

Post date: Nov 27, 2015 2:03:40 PM

President: Term 2

Supreme Council: Term 1

Today we started our meeting with Supreme Council Election. There are 5 volunteers, Matthew the ambassador of Russia, Audrey the Ambassador of Cuba, Mr. Brunken the ambassador of USA, Jacqueline the ambassador of Germany, Eugene the ambassador of Phillipeans. The USA as always gave a strong speech, well… I guess strong speeches doesn’t help at all, cause the three new supreme council is Audrey, Matthew and Eugene. Current old problems Pakistan, Russia and Egypt, Cuba paid for there problems, China was absent, so the government made her pay the first 4 RP this week, and she would have to pass a resolution in the JN that gives control of this area to China. Germany, Colombia, Cuba passed a resolution that sets up a global warming fund, that will tax the countries who have IP 1.5RP per meeting. Old random events A meteor just crashed into India from space! He chose to pay 15RP to fix the damage and donate the meteor to science for a 50% chance of getting 2TP. And lucky him! He got 2TP! Colombia’s global warming problem was fixed by the resloution that passes earlier. China’s youth protest is still going on… but she’s absentthis meeting, so the government just made her pay this week’s 10RP. New random events A deadly new disease has been reported in Cuba. She picked choice 1, spend 25RP to completely contain the outbreak, and 0% chance of epidemic. A rich patriot in India died and left his wealth to the country. What will hiis choice be?! That’s wait and see next meeting. Finally to the last part Current new problems Syrian refugees!!! We just set up a new refugee fund, and now refugee problems are coming?! This problem goes to Germany and Turkey 20RP each, and all the other nations too has to pay 10RP for increasing security… unless a resolution passes… Japan can absorb the costs this time by paying 20 RP, or fix the problem permanently by getting a JN Resolution that guarantees women’s rights passed in the JN. Colombia 15 RP unless it can get a global “Blood Jewels” ban (that includes “Blood Diamonds” from Africa) passed in the JN. And finally we ended the meeting!