11/11 Fifth JN Meeting of 2017~2018 session

Post date: Nov 12, 2017 5:05:57 AM

Fifth meeting

President: Term 1

Senator: Term 4

First, we started with 5 old problems.

Ambassador of South Africa, Indonesia, and Italy didn't come to the meeting.

Their problem weren't solved.

Nigeria's 50RP refugee problem, is paid by the Refugee Fund.

UK payed his 15RP problem by himself.

Next, lets take a look at old random events.

Nigeria with #17 chose choice 2, Nigeria lose 50RP, but each country has to pay Nigeria 3RP.

Moving on, new random events.

Pakistan with #10 chose to choose next week.

USA got #9 and chose choice 3, gained 5RP, but extinction caused him 25RP.

Japan got #11 chose to choose next week.

Nigeria got #8 chose to choose next week.

Last, new problems

First, Saudi Arabia prince Mohammed Bin Salman will cause Saudi Arabia 25RP, all JN countries 1RP.

Next, human trafficking between Italy and Nigeria will cause Nigeria 25RP, Italy 30RP. Unless they can get a resolution that contains 300RP, that punishes countries that aren’t working to prevent human trafficking in their country.

Then, India with smog over it's capital will cost India 40RP.

Pakistan also suffers with smog that, and will cost Pakistan 40RP, too.

Indonesia's separatists will cost his country 20RP.

Last, the two old not fixed problems may go worse.

This is the meeting of today.