1107 Fifth Meeting of the 2015-2016 Session

Post date: Nov 16, 2015 3:42:12 PM

President: 1

Supreme Council: 4

Today we started the meeting with the Presidential Election. Mr. Brunken, the ambassador of USA, Matthew, the ambassador of Russia, and Wendy, the ambassador of UK were running for election, ooooo~ let’s see who will win! Again, the US gave a powerful speech, ambassadors of Russia and UK both gave a small speech but wanted all nations to vote for them. No one wanted to speak for the candidates, so we voted. Wendy, the ambassador of UK got the most votes, 6 votes in favor of her! Congratulations!

Following, the Current Old Problems. Turkey, Cuba and INdia all paid for their problems. Germany, on the other hand, came up with another resolution trying to fix her car problem. After a long debate, all nations still thought that the resolution was really the solution to the problem, so it failed again. Hope she can come up with something better next meeting! Old Random Events, UK found a rockland last week, although the resolution wanting to gain control on it failed, UK did not give up on it, the ambassador wrote a resolution that says if UK could gain control on the rockland, she would donate 15RP into the JN refugee welfare fund to help the refugees. So, happily, it passed!! Young people in China are causing trouble, and the government decided to use the military and police to break the protest. Unfortunately, the force wasn’t strong enough to break the protests. Let’s see what China will do next meeting.

We had a new Resolution this week. Russia brought up a Refugee Tax Amendment, wanting to change the current resolution(passed on Oct. 24). We debated a bit, but still decided that we’re good with what we have now.

Three New Random Events. A meteor crashed into India and caused some damage. What will India do? Germany drew #17. Lucky her, a resolution was just passed on Oct. 24. This resolution protects people in the JN from mosquito-borne illnesses. Problem fixed. Global warming is creating more flooding, severe storms, and rising sea levels in Columbia and is harming the people and the economy of the country. What will he do?

We wrapped up our meeting with New problems. Earthquake in Pakistan, Russian jet liner crashed over Egypt, tax revenue short falls in Cuba, and last, confrontation in the South China Sea. Come prepared!