10/28 Forth JN Meeting of 2017~2018 session

Post date: Oct 28, 2017 3:29:59 PM

Forth meeting

President: Term 4

Senator: Term 3

First, we started with 6 old problems.

Turkey with a 15RP problem, chose to pay all.

Then Russia paid her 25RP problem, too

UK pay 25RP, problem solved.

Nigeria asked for a 15RP aid, was passed. 15RP from GWF and 5RP by herself.

South Africa pays her 15RP problem.

Next, old random events.

UK asks for 30RP aid, was passed and paid by GWF

Moving on, new random events.

Indonesia with random event #12, chose choice 3. Rolled the dice and gained 18RP.

Nigeria with random event #17, chose to choose next week.

Argentina also with random event #12, chose choice 2. His country is protected from the next problem.

Last, new problems.

First, bubonic plague (known as black death) has spread in Madagascar, this will cause South Africa 15RP.

Next, English-speaking Cameroonian refugees are escaping into Nigeria, This will cause Nigeria 50RP

Then, An exploded firework factory will cause Indonesia 15RP.

Last, Catalonia's independence will cause all EU countries 15RP.

Wait, the president election is held at last of the meeting.

There were two nominees: UK nominated by Italy, US nominated by Angola.

At last, US won by 9 votes and UK got 7 Votes.

Also there was a formal alliance formed by South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, India, Russia, Indonesia.

This is the meeting of today.