1024 Fourth Meeting of the 2015-2016 Session

Post date: Oct 25, 2015 1:03:47 PM

President: Term 4

Supreme Council: Term 3

Today we started the meeting by fixing the old current problems. Russia paid for the launched airstrikes in Syria. South Africa paid for its corruption. Germany wrote a resolution for Controlling Climate Change that the German car company Volkswagen, but sadly, the resolution didn’t include HOW they are going to fix it, so it’s blocked by the supreme council. This problem will go on next meeting, let’s hope that Germany have a better resolution to fix this Climate Change problem. India wrote a resolution asking the JN for help to save the Indians from support its healthcare facilities and clean up mosquito breeding grounds. The resolution passed, so hurray to the Indians! The Europe countries wrote a new resolution trying to solve the refugee problem, this time they set up a refugee welfare fund, and the original tax we pay, now 1/3RP will go into this new refugee fund, and the countries that are involved in the war, will pay more tax for the fund. The RPs will help the Europe countries take care the refugees and give them shelter, food and water. Yaaaaa!!! It finally passed~~ This is the longest Current Problem ever in the JN history! What a long meeting already, we haven’t even solve old random events! Pakistan has the Global warming problem, the ambassador of Pakistan, Sean Chen chose to help clean up the damage from the last storms and ask everyone to recycle more. He pays 15RP for it. The United Kingdom found a rockland in the Europe region, the ambassador wrote a resolution asking for the permission to gain control on it, although nobody in the region wrote a resolution to compete, but the other countries are jealous, so too bad… it failed. This week, the meeting is so long, so we only have two new random events. China got random event #4, young people in the country have taken to the streets in very large numbers in anger over recent legislation in the country… blocking the traffics… the ambassador of China, Lulu, we’ll wait and see which decision she’ll make. The other random event goes to Sean Cheng, the ambassador of South Africa is so lucky today! He got random event #7, received 7RP because a new natural wonder has been discovered in his country. Ok! Finally we ended the meeting!