10/14 Third JN meeting of the 2017~2018 session

Post date: Oct 17, 2017 1:17:00 PM

Third meeting

President: term 3

Senator: term 2

Today we started with the old problems, India had a flood problem, Refuge fund pay all for India. Nigeria's religion

problem pay 10 RP, Argentina's credit report provider Equifax problem pay 10 RP, and New Zealand's economy problem also pay 10 RP.

Moving on, old random event.

Japan with random event 3, chose choice 1 [75 to 100] is bad and roll 14, get 2 TP

South Africa with random event 14, chose choice 1, wrote a resolution said they should own the ice land, she will control the island well, and the resolution passed.

Argentina with random event 11, chose choice 3, roll a die roll 2, minis 2 At , 10 percent the disease spread , 80 below is bad, roll 65, so the disease did not spread

Next the ambassador of United Kingdom put forward a formal alliance, the members in it have





New Zealand


At last, the new random events

Saudi Arabia with random event 16, lose 10 RP

UK with random event 6, wait for the next meeting

USA with random event 1, chose 1, pay 15RP get 10RP

This is the end of the meeting