1008 Second Meeting of 2016-2017 session

Post date: Oct 11, 2016 7:13:08 AM

Second Meeting of the 2016-2017 Session

President: Term 2

Supreme Council: Term 1

This week we started the meeting with old problems. The derailed train in Spain was fixed with the help of Welfare fund. The hurricane disaster in Mexico wasn’t fixed because she was absent. We’ll see what will happen next week. Brazil and Turkey both paid for their problems. As for Jordan’s refugee problem, because of the Refugee Fund Resolution, the problem was automatically fixed by the fund.

Next, we have the old Random Events. Jordan chose #1 for her drug trade problem, paid 30RP and luckily the problem was fixed! Poland chose #1, and told the land developer to never set foot in a national forest. No loss, no gain. Turkey proposed a resolution, combining the Climate Change Fund with the Resolution to Stop Excessive Pollution into the Environmental Protection Fund, and chose #1. The fund passed with 9-0 and later helped Turkey with 50% of the problem.

4 new Random Events this week. A war has broken out in South America, and refugees are flooding into Brazil, causing a burden on their economy. What will he do? Meteor crashed into Kenya and Russia, caused some damage, but you never know what comes with it. Pay 15RP and gain 10RP, 2TP or more! Islands found in the Middle East region, with only Jordan and Turkey in the region, what’ll they do to win the rights to the islands? We’ll find out next week!

Last but not least, new Problems were assigned. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch appears to be even worse than the scientific community. A few forward-thinking scientists have a plan to begin cleaning up the patch, but they need resources. All nations bordering the Pacific Ocean will need to pay 20 RP to avoid the problem growing worse. The Syrian Civil War has raged and devastated Syria and its people for over 5 years now. Even worse, Russia has entered the conflict on the side of Pro-government forces, airstrikes have destroyed hospitals, schools, civilian homes, and important infrastructure. Russia will need to pay 15 RP for its involvement. A nationwide protest was staged in Poland. Women were urged not to go into work or do any childcare or housework for the day. Many businesses around the country had to close because few of their mostly female staff showed up to work. This problem will cost Poland 20 RP. Super Typhoon Meranti hammered China last week after causing trouble for Taiwan. The strongest storm of the season so far flooded and destroyed villages on the coast of Fujian Province in southern China. 7 were killed and many more injured. Electricity and water were also cut off to the area by the storm. Clean-up is now underway. This problem will cost China 20 RP.