1003 Third Meeting of the 2015-2016 Session

Post date: Oct 10, 2015 2:57:45 PM

Third meeting of the year!

President: Term 3

Supreme Council: Term 2

We started the meeting by fixing old problems. Japan, Philippines and Egypt paid for their problems. The European Region tried to fix the biggest problem now in the JN, Immigrant Crisis in Europe, by introducing another resolution. The resolution had a great debate, but members of the JN still thought that the resolution wasn’t clear enough, so it was yet again, failed to pass. The problem continues. Let’s see what the European Region will bring us next time.

Next, we have our old Random Events. Turkey seems to not only have immigrant crisis, but also some refugee problems caused by a war broken out between two countries on the borders. After a failed attempt to help the refugees, Turkey decided to put troops on the borders to stop the refugees from entering, other countries in the European region paid 5RP each to fix the problem. The bidding of oil drilling was held by Columbia this week. Both Cuba and Egypt wanted to drill. Columbia made the two do rock-paper-scissors to decide who has the right to drill. Cuba won so she got the right to drill, paid 1TP and 10RP, got 40RP but Columbia gets 10% tax on what she drilled. Pakistan was absent, so the problem will be put off till next meeting.

We had two new Random Events this week. UK drew Random Event #14. Islands were found in the middle of the ocean. What will the UK do? Will she use the international law to gain control of the islands or will we all be friends? Mosquito-borne diseases are spreading in India. Luckily, doctors in India developed a vaccine that prevents pretty much all of those nasty diseases. What will the government of India do? We shall wait and find out.

Four new Problems were assigned. Airstrikes were launched in Syria, Russia targeting in regions very close to rebel positions. These strikes appear to be helping the end of civil war. This will cost Russia 12RP, which will be invested in fuel, weapons and ammo. Corruption continues to be a major problem in South Africa. Even the president was caught spending $22 million USD remodeling his home. More than 17,000 people were killed in South Africa this past year which many attribute to corrupt cops. This problem will cost South Africa 10 RP. German car company shocked the world as news broke that they had computers that showed the cars pollute little, though they pollute a lot in reality. This hurt not only Germany’s image, but their leadership in Europe and the world stage. This will cost 10RP each meeting unless it can get a JN Resolution on Controlling Climate Change passed. India is having the largest outbreak of dengue fever in years. Hospitals are flooded with patients. This problem will cost India 13 RP to support its healthcare facilities and clean up mosquito breeding grounds. If only a vaccine were developed.