0924 First Meeting of 2016-2017 session

Post date: Sep 27, 2016 4:01:00 AM

First Meeting of the 2016-2017 Session

President: Term 1

Supreme Council: Term 1

Welcome all members of the JN to our first Joined Nations meeting!

We started off with the Presidential Election, the Supreme Council Election and the History Committee Election.

The nominees for the first president of the year were the ambassadors of United States and Turkey. United States won with a powerful speech and began working. The Supreme Council Election was held next. The ambassador of Turkey decided to run for the Supreme Council against Poland, Spain, and China after attempting to fight for President but failed. The numbers were close, 10 votes for Spain, 7 for China and Turkey, and 6 for Poland. The History committee election only had one nominee, so Turkey became part of the committee. Congratulations!

We have 4 new Random Events this week. The manufacturing of illegal drugs has increased in Jordan, causing an increase of violent crimes and drug use. What will she do to deal with the illegal drugs and drug trafficking? Next, the national forests in Poland are in danger! A rich land developer wants to chop off the forest and hopefully Poland will save the forest. Water shortage in Turkey. Some of the fresh water reserves had been polluted. Will she be able to fix this problem? A miracle happened to Algeria! The government leaders stopped fighting and the economy is now boosting! She got 10RP!

We wrapped up our meeting with new Problems. A train derailed in Northern Spain. 4 death and 50 injuries. This will cost Spain 10RP. Hurricane hit Mexico hard, resorts important for tourism were damaged. The disaster relief fund was forced to opened up to help clean up. This is a 10RP problem for Mexico. Brazil’s government is still shaky. With all the protest and the security of the upcoming Paralympic Games, Brazil needs help to bring stability to its country. This will cost Brazil 20RP. A car bomb set off and damaged nearby government buildings. Turkey must clean up and improve security. This is a 12RP problem. With refugees living in camps around Jordan, it needs at least 80RP to avoid economic collapse, but 120RP will help Jordan build the infrastructure it needs to take in more refugees if needed.