Member Nations

Below are the member nations of the 4th Joined Nations and their ambassadors.

Flag Country Ambassador Region English-language News Source(s)
United States of America Mr. Brunken North America/Pacific/Latin America/Atlantic CNN
New York Times
USA Today
Argentina Austin Hu Latin America Buenos Aires Herald
The Bubble
New Zealand Jessica Lin Oceania/Pacific New Zealand Herald
News Hub (NZ)
Indonesia Winston Tsai Asia/Oceania/Pacific/Indian OceanJakarta Post
Jakarta Globe 
China Derrick Hsiao Asia/Pacific Xinhua News 
The Epoch Times
Japan Josh Lung Asia/Pacific Japan Times
The Mainichi
India Leo Lin  Asia/Indian Ocean Times of India
Indian Express
Turkey Yoyo Tan Asia/Middle East/Europe Hurriyet DN
Turkish Press
Russia Rainie Wang Europe/Asia/Pacific/Atlantic
Moscow Times
Pakistan Jacob Cheng Asia/Middle East The News
The Express Tribune
Saudi ArabiaHong-yu Chen Asia/Middle East/Indian Ocean Arab News
Saudi Gazette
United Kingdom Eugene Chiu Europe/AtlanticThe Guardian
BBC News
Italy Jefferson Wu  EuropeANSA
Italian Insider
  Nigeria Ling Lee Africa/Atlantic Nigerian Tribune
The Guardian
  South Africa Vivi Lin Africa/Atlantic/Indian Ocean News 24
  Angola Edison Lu  Africa/Atlantic Angola Press
The Zambezian