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4/14 Eleventh JN Meeting

posted Apr 20, 2018, 7:22 AM by Jefferson Wu

First we start with the Senate election

1. Hung Yu nomated              Leo

2. Mr. brunken nominate       Vivi

3. Leo nominate                  Hung YU

4. Mr.bruken nominate Himself

(everyone have three vote)

Vivi  Hung-yu  Mr.brunken

And then we go on with Old current problem

Saudi Arabia war problem , India help 35 rp

China economy problem pay

India water shortage problem a request for aid human rights fund, ask 25 rp pay the rest,    pass 11 favor

Japan oil problem 50 rp  pay

Turkey war problem request for aid 45, human rights fund  11 favor

Pakistan absent

Angola economy problem, request for aid ask 30 rp ,general wealthfare fund  5 favor o aggansit

Old random event

India  Fifa world cup, the winning bid  Indonisia 65 rp , final win 85 rp

Indonesia No#21 problem  use 50 rp to end the war  India donate 55

New random event

Japan  19 choose 1 no lost no gain

UK      10 choose 1 get 10 rp

Italy     14 next meeting

Russia  7 get 15 rp