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12/09 Seventh JN Meeting of 2017~2018 session

posted Dec 11, 2017, 5:53 AM by Jefferson Wu
Sixth meeting

President: Term 3
Senator: Term 1

First we started with old problems
1.Argentina's submarine problem pay 20 rp

2.Indonesia's learning problem, ask for 20 rp from human right fund to solve the problem

              11 yes 0 no

3.Indonesia Separates can’t make the village’s people move around freely, ask 20 Rp from human right fund

               6  yes 6 no , president vote yes so 7 yes 6 no

4.Saudi Arabia pay 20 for flood problem

5. UK pay 20 for  flood problem

6.India's air pollution ask for 20 RP from environmental protection fund

11 yes 0 no, pass

Moving on, old random event

Japan crop disease , absent, president chose for Japan, lose 3 agriculture point, 30 per spreading, dies 25, all Asia region lose 1 agriculture point

At last, New random event

China  22  wait till next time to chose

Russia   5     wait  till next to chose

UK 10  wait till next to chose